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In the Wildcat News...

05-13 by Auston Whitley

Wayland is Supporting heart disease. If you raise 10 dollars you get a shirt that says Rock the Beat and every 10 dollars you raise, your name goes in a drawing to slime Miss Whyte!

05-03 by Mike Velting

This week at Wayland there is something very exciting going for history. Tomorrow on Friday may 3rd there will be a civil war reenactment at the high school. For every hour Mr.J Mrs.M and Mrs.S and taking all of there students to go and see the reenactment.

05-16 by Sam Shealy

I'm writing about the heart association t-shirts that we are doing in the Wayland Union Middle  School. This t-shirt is raising money for the heart association. If you raise 10 dollars then you get a shirt and get to slim Ms.Whyte. The more money you raise the more times your name goes in the drawing so you can slim Ms.Whyte and maybe Mrs. Fulk. They are sweet looking shirts so let raise some money.

05-14 by Hannah Rybiski

In art we are doing a crazy town project. You have to crush a lot of things on a big piece of paper. You can't show a lot of white. We have to add four cubes, three cylinders, one 3-D tube and 12 creatures. It takes a long time but when it's done it looks really cool. 

05-16 by Skylee Bellgraph

There has been nwea testing going on. But know it is done. It was very easy. Also if a lot of people jumped, they can get a prize. Like getting a movie day in a certain class. I jumped 33 points. 

05-15 by Alannah White

The memorial garden is something positive about our school. When a student or teacher dies we plant a flower our something to remember them. When Mr. Moshigen died we planted a cherry tree in memoir for him. I really like this about our school i think that it makes our school unique and special.

05-15 by Avery Hudson

My short paragraph is going to be about how we have a news and media
class. There are Some advantages and disadvantages which are,  the
advantages are that we can visually see what goes around in our  school.
Also that if you finish your job in class if you have things to make up you have
time to catch up in all your classes.  The disadvantages is that you can easily
 get in trouble because if you have to much extra time you can get caught for
playing games. Also that she lets you go around the school to do the news but
 if there is a drill you have to find a teacher and go with them but it is a little

05-02 by Makenzie Webb

One thing going on at Wayland Middle School is the NWEA testing. You take this test to see how much you have progressed in reading, language, and math. You take it at the begging of the year and at the end of the year. It is really cool to see how much you have progressed from the begging of the year.

05-01 by Hannah Rienstra

In history class we r going to learn bout the civil war!! So far we know the basics and that the Civil War that remains a defining moment in our nation's history. Its causes and consequences, including the continuing struggle for civil rights for all Americans, reverberate to this day and it happened in 1861 and it lasted 4 years.

05-01 by Evan Cater

Collin is a guy from wayland union schools and he is one of my good friends and he likes video games a lot and has a funny personality and a great friend I've been friends with him since the first day of school.

04-30 by Jake Holtz

Wildcat Festival

Location: High School
Date: May 7th 2013
Time: 4-6 PM

- 50/50 Raffle
- Face Painting
- There will be full concession stand open at the football stadium.
- There will be a bean bag tournament and hillbilly golf tournament.          
 - We will be putting on games at half time of the varsity soccer game.
- The "Best Fan" Award and "Most Spirited" Award winners get gift cards.

04-25 By Anna Smith

The person I am interviewing is Skylee Bellgraph. She is in 7th grade with me here at Wayland Middle School. She is even in our News and Media class. She is not only a student here but my friend. "I like this class because I like the ability to be able to be creative on making the news and even getting the opportunity to make the news ourselves, not just listening to a boring news broadcast," says Skylee. 
"I also like how Mrs. Wilson gives us so much freedom and even though we mess up, she doesn't take our privileges away."  She is also glad to say that she has News and Media next trimester again.

04-25 Editorial by Cody Dreyer (edited by Mrs. Wilson)

Breaking news, the cafeteria food is gross. There cheese taste like plastic and so do their eggs. What's with the fries their fries are not fries, sweet potato fries are not fries at all.

The only thing that taste good is the chicken bowl. That's the only thing that tastes like food.
There subs are good as well but every thing else tastes like not food.

04-25 By Ian Carpenter (edited by Mrs. Wilson)

The person I am interviewing in the story is Andie Robyler she is in my news and media
class and she is a girl in 8th grade. She does things and has ways to make the news better and cooperates
with the group and everyone in the class so that is Andie for you. Bye.

04-24 Abbi Lancaster (science class)

Abbi and Sam believe the suspects were Bob and Sally. Abbi is in Mrs. Foster's science class. Right now the class is doing a project called The Case of the Kidnapped Baker. They're trying to solve a crime. In the case the class is solving a person is holding the baker for a ransom. The only evidence they have is a ransom note and a mystery powder. They have 3 suspects for the case:
There is Salty Sally- she's basically a single mom and if she is the suspect, she'd take the money for her kids if anything.
Bob the Builder- This guy might be after the baker because of a mix up on the baker's construction, he wasn't payed for it either.
Dudley Do-Little- He used to be the delivery guy for the baker until he screwed up badly and was fired. This was his first job and he was fired very early.
Abbi and Sam took part of the note to do tests on them. They compared the ink to the writing utensils the 3 suspects used. We dipped them in water, and alcohol. Them we dipped our parts of the ransom note in both and compared it to them. The visa/dry erase marker matched the sample of the ransom note best. Then we magnified the mystery powder and looked at it. We also tested it in water to see the results. The mystery powder looked to be salt mixed with flour. Then from the results we compared it to the handwriting and got our conclusion.

04-17 by Joslin Goodrich

 Madison Aylworth: she is a very nice young lady. Madie is a 7th grader. She is very smart and treats others the way she wants to be treated. Madie is a very athletic girl. She plays volleyball, softball, basketball and runs track.She loves to spend her free time hanging out with her family and friend.

04-17 by Hannah Rienstra

In math we r learning bout the Pythagorean theorem, the right triangle. The person that invented the theorem Egyptians discovered a way to make a right angle. Pythagoras discovered the Pythagorean Theorem. Pythagoras was a  Samos was an Ionian Greek philosopher, mathematician, and founder of the religious movement called Pythagoreanism.

Born: 570 BC, Samos
Died: 495 BC, Metapontum
Full name: Pythagoras of Samos.

04-08 by Mitchell Nagel

Today I am going to tell you about my Pre-Algebra class.The other day we made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.It was a test on directions.She made the sandwich and we had to tell her what to to.

If you told her to get a piece of bread you had to be specific  and tell her how to open and get the bread.She would do the craziest stuff!She would even scope out peanut butter with her hand.But after she was done it was a good pb and j and made the day heart filling and brain warming.

04-09 by Auston Whitley

One interesting thing at Wayland right now is our social studies project. We are making a bibliography about either women suffrage, education, prisons, or abolition. We have to take notes and find research about our topic. This is very fun to learn about and always keeps you interested. Did you know that women couldn't vote, serve on Jury's, or even go to college? Well there is plenty more interesting information to learn. Another interesting fact is a lot of times, they would put people with special needs in prison for being different.

04-06 by Carter Nyp

In science right now in Mrs Kaplans class it's really fun, we are mixing elements like lithium and copper. They all have chemical changes and its really cool. We lit some on fire with alcohol. 
What happens to these things is that they change the color of the flame. These elements are also found in fireworks. This is a really fun science unit that we are we doing.

03-27-13 by Bethany Teunissen

I'm going to write about my language art class. So far I really enjoy my language arts class because we are reading a book called the outsiders. Everyday we have to read a chapter and we have to make a story board on the chapter. We have to have a picture of the main event in the chapter and a short summary on the event on our story boards. I really enjoy reading this book because it's funny and interesting.
               I also enjoy my language arts class because we write journals everyday. We have to write a journal on one of the quotes miss. Thebo puts on the board, or a free write off your choice. But you only can do a free write once a week. Then we have to turn them in and we get points. So overall I really enjoy my language arts class because we do a lot of fu things.

03-25-13 by Carter Nyp

In science right now in Mrs Kaplans class it's really fun, we are mixing elements like lithium and copper. They all have chemical changes and its really cool. We lit some on fire with alcohol.
What happens to these things is that they change the color of the flame. These elements are also found in fireworks. This is a really fun science unit that we are we doing.

03-21-13 by Avery Hudson

My paragraph is going to be about the iPads and how they help us. I think the iPads have advantages and disadvantages such as have the kids have the my
homework app and the teachers righting the stuff in there.  Also the iPads I think help me as a student to be more organized. The disadvantages of the
iPads is that the kids get caught up with all the games and don't work on their work when they are suppose to. Also the kids use the iPads as a toy and they mess around with them and they don't use them for school like they are suppose to.

03-20-13 by Auston Whitley

News and Media is a awesome class. It teaches you to be responsible, but is fun at the same time. You need to complete whatever jobs that is in your group. There are also very interesting things to learn about, like learning how to make the teleprompter. I would recommend this class to everyone in this school.

10-19-12 by Ally Schafer and Samy Dzierzyc

         It's hard to believe that this school year has been flying by so fast! So much information has been packed into our brains in these past couple months.  Both seventh and eighth graders have been deeply engaged in their learning and have got to know the uses and abilities of their iPads.

        Recently Mrs. Kaplan and Mrs. Foster's seventh grade science students been working on their ecology jar projects. The students are required to create a goldfish ecosystem inside a jar including abiotic and biotic things inside in order to keep the goldfish alive. They will put their creativity and thinking abilities to the test to and will see if they have the abilities to keep a living organism alive.

          8th grade English classes are working on a hero project. It's is a project where you choose someone who seems like a hero to you. This person can be a teacher, a coach, parents, grandparents, ect. When the projects are finished, the 10 top students from the school go to a nationwide contest. Then the top 10 will be picked from that. After that, the top 7 kids get their writings in a book. The first place winner gets $1000! This assignment hasn't been given a due date yet, but we are about half way through.


Sub Gone Good

Today Mrs. Babiak wasn't here to teach our class today. Instead Mr. T, a substitute, replaced her. He is a great guy and makes the class laugh every time I see him. Even though he never taught algebra I look forward to seeing him in that class tomorrow. This man is a great funny guy and has no problem with any students not liking him. When I listen to the things students say about him I'm glad to hear that they are all positive. His stories are always worth listening to. He shares one every time.  He is a sub you will remember and want when your teacher tells you they won't be there tomorrow.

Anthony Muscarella