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Need help finding a good book to read?

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Find just the right book by subject, age, awards won, Lexile Reading levels, Common Core standards; even books made into movies, and much more.  Read reviews and learn about the author.  Create your own reading wish list. Michigan residents or Michigan library access only.

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Research Steps
1: What do I need to do? (Task Definition)
2: What can I use to find what I need? (Info Seeking Strategies)
3: Where can I find what I need? (Location & Access)
4: What information can I use? (Use of Information)
5: What can I make to finish the job? (Synthesis)
6: How will I know if I did my job well? (Evaluation)

Typing Agent

Online Encyclopedia


MeL Databases

Search Engines

Computer Programming

Digital Citizenship
Digital Passport
An interactive, fun, and effective game  to teach and test the basics of digital citizenship.

Language Arts

Book Adventure

Web Rangers

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