Word Processor

Mission: Learn how to use common (and advanced) features of a word processor (Microsoft Word).

  1. Set Download folder to your Home Directory
    1. Click on "Customize and control..." at the top right (looks like three dots)
    2. Click "Settings" at the bottom of the menu
    3. Scroll down and click "Advanced"
    4. Scroll down to Downloads and next to Location click on "Change"
    5. Select your home directory: ex. lastnamefirstname (\\wstor1) (H:)
    6. Click "Make New Folder"
    7. Name the folder "Downloads" and click "Okay"
    8. Close the tab
  2. Open this Google Drive folder and download all of the files:  Word Docs
  3. Go to the folder.  Open both of the PDF files
  4. Open the Word document:
  5. Follow along with the (steps start at about the 6:18 minute mark) Word Video Tutorial

Alternate:  Copy the folder with all six files from the HandOut folder into your Home Directory.  Open both PDF files plus the document.  Then follow along with the videos.