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Wild Nature

Mission:  Create a beautiful movie (30-seconds) of wild nature.

  • Record 15 to 20 videos of wild nature.
    • Each video must be at least 5 seconds long.
    • All videos widescreen.  Double tap the center of the video to show the widescreen.
    • The only thing in the video is wild nature.  Nothing made by civilization or humans.
    • Videos of wild animals are excellent: bugs, ants, butterflies, spiders, frogs, caterpillars, etc.
    • Color is excellent, especially colorful flowers, leaves, webs, etc.
    • Close up videos are preferred
    • Make sure every video has natural motion, such as:
      • Animal moving
      • Wind moving a plant back and forth
      • Camera motion:
        • From one side to the other, left to right = truck
        • Slowly forward, or slowly backward = dolly
        • Up or down, slowly and smoothly = pedestal
        • Pan or tilt can be used, but are not as interesting as the three above.
        • A combination or blend of these motions.
        • Hint 1: Try out the motion once before recording.
        • Hint 2: Move your entire body, rather than just the camera.
    • Do not use zoom unless you can not get any closer to the object.
  • If you have time during class to work on this outside, do the following:
    • Stay within 20 feet of your teacher, in view of your teacher.
    • Remain on the road, 2-track, or trail at all times, with your teacher.
    • Speak quietly, or in whispers, so as to record nature sounds (wind, grass, trees, etc.)
    • Be respectful of all living things.  Leave them in their natural state.  Do not touch animals.
    • Pick up any trash you might see.  Take it back to school to a trash can.
  • Use a video editing app to combine the videos into a single nature movie.
  • For iOS, use iMovie (if available)
  • Use transitions between the clips, but without sound effects.