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Create a commercial in iMovie to encourage people to join track (or another sport).

Use Google Image Search to find and save images for the following:
  1. Join Track & Field
  2. Outside!
  3. Trophies!
  4. Medals!
  5. Get in shape!
  6. Fun with Friends!
  7. Race!
  8. High Jump
  9. Long Jump
  10. Shot Put
  11. Pole Vault
  12. Relay
  13. Hurdles
  14. Sprint!
  15. Free
  16. Sign Up Today!

Make sure it is exactly 30.0 seconds!  Slides may be 1.5 seconds each.

Add music!

For extra credit:  Add a narration and/or add different transitions.

Save as 540p, upload to Google Drive, rename it with your last and first name, then share with your teacher!