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Respect Others

The problem is to create and present an original performance about a middle school student character who is verbally harassed (bullied) in school, once-per-day to once-per-week, and by various students.  The harassment is in the form of words, looks, actions (being ignored or excluded), and ridiculed where none of the harassment leaves any physical evidence.  At one point, the harassed character looks sad or cries when thinking about the harassment.  The harassed character is noticed by another student friend character, who witnesses one or more of the harassments, who is supportive, encouraging, friendly, and who emboldens the harassed character to fill out the Okay 2 Say form on her iPad.  The harassed character later talks with a school adult (principal or counselor) who listens and encourages her and practices strategies with her to stand up for herself, report incidents, move on, and be nice to others.

The performance is video recorded on the iPad, edited in iMovie, and submitted to the classroom teacher via Google Drive or DropBox.

Duration: maximum of 8 minutes
Due: Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 9:20 a.m.