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Media Center PSA

Mission:  Learn how to use a mobile device, for example a tablet computer, to make an informative video.

Create a commercial ( Public Service Announcement or P.S.A. ) for the school media center.

Use an app on a tablet computer to make the P.S.A.  For example, on an iPad use iMovie.

The commercial must include the following:
  • Lots of video clips you recorded yourself inside the media center
  • Lots of facts about the media center which are both spoken and described with captions:
    • Opens at 7:30 a.m. every school day
    • Open after school every school day until 3:30 p.m.
    • Has pod of six computers for working on school assignments
    • Has desks for working on written assignments
    • Has couches for reading silently
    • Has free wifi for working on school assignments and creative projects
    • Has lots of different kinds of books to check out
    • Offers free help with iPads
    • Passes are available in the morning so a student can go to the media center after eating lunch
    • Is open during Pride Time if a student gets a pass from their Pride Time teacher
  • The commercial should be at most 60-seconds long, but at least 30-seconds long
When done, show the teacher

Then, save as 720p to camera roll.
Upload to Google Drive
Share with your teacher, for example: