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Best Things

Executive Summary

You will create a 30-second commercial about what some students think are the best things about the middle school.
  1. Add five clips.  (They are in the MS Classes-> Wissner-> Handout-> Videos-> Best Things folder.)
  2. Add a different transition between each clip, timed for 0.50 seconds each.
  3. Trim the start of clips 2-5 to get rid of: "The best thing about the middle school is".
    1. HINT 1:  To set the start point of the video, first double-click on the clip, and then play it until it is where you want it to start.  Then, click the "Set start point" button. :-)
  4. Trim the end of every clip to get rid of pauses.
    1. HINT 2:  To trim the clip, double click on it, and use the Trim tool to set the Start Point and the End Point.
  5. Add a different pan and zoom effect to each clip.
  6. Add a caption to each clip, which says what the video says, for example: "gym".
  7. Change the size and color so these captions are EASY to READ.
  8. Pair up with a classmate, record your own, add it to the beginning of your video.  Requirements:
    1. Widescreen horizontal video!
    2. Should be framed only with head and shoulders!
    3. Look directly at the camera!
    4. Record 5 seconds of smiling before your sentence
    5. Say, "The best thing about the middle school is _____ because _________."
    6. Record 5 seconds of smiling AFTER your sentence.
    7. On your iPad, upload to your Google Drive account.
    8. On your computer, download it from your Google Drive account.
    9. Add it to your project!
    10. If you would like to let others use your video, you may share it with them in Google Drive.
  9. Add and enhance (see above) more clips until you have a video exactly 30 seconds long!

STOP!!!  Raise your hand!  Show your project to your teacher! :-)

Your Mission!

You will create a 60-second movie about what some students think are the best things about the middle school.

Part I - Choose Video Clips

  1. Create a Folder
    1. Create a folder for your project.  Create it in your home directory.
    2. Double click on My Computer.
    3. Then double click on your Home Directory (the one that has is [lastname][firstname])
    4. Now, go in to your Computers folder (make one if there isn't one).
    5. Next, right-click; and click NEW -> FOLDER
    6. Rename this new folder: bestthings
    7. Double-click to go into that folder
    8. Resize the folder to about 1/4 the size of your screen
  2. Find Video Clips
    • Double click on My Computer.
    • Go into: MS Classes-> Wissner-> Handout-> Video-> BestThings
    • Resize the folder to about 1/4 the size of your screen
    • Double click a clip.  It will play.  If you like it, drag it into your folder.
    • Drag FIVE clips into your folder.
STOP!  Raise your hand.  Politely ask your teacher to look at your bestthings folder.

Part II - Begin MovieMaker

Red Alert!  Read closely!!!

MovieMaker may crash!

To reduce crashes, do the following:
  1. Save it!  Every time you add something, or change something, SAVE IT!!!
    1. Either click on the SAVE button on the toolbar (it looks like a tiny square floppy disk).
    2. OR press the S key, while you are already holding down the CTRL key.   Ctrl-S
  2. Wait 10-seconds after each change you make to the project; or until the screen redraws itself correctly.
    1. Did you insert a new clip?  Wait 10-seconds.
    2. Put in a transition?  Wait 10-seconds.
    3. Change a start or end point?  Wait 10 seconds.
    4. Make ANY change to the project?  Wait 10 seconds.
  3. IF, even after being very careful, MovieMaker might still crash.  If it does, then:
    1. Click the X at the top right, to exit the program.
    2. Click "End Now".
    3. Click "Send Error Report"
    4. Open up your project again!  :-)

  1. Prepare
    • Open MovieMaker.
    • Save the project into your bestthings folder.
    • Use a standard filename, for example: 20140709bestthings9yourusername.
    • Save often! Save every minute or two. Use CTRL - S to save.
  2. Add Clips to Your Project
    • In MovieMaker, click on "Insert Video"
    • Find each video from your bestthings folder.
    • Make sure to add one at a time (or your computer may crash!)
  3. Edit the Clips
    • The clip's start and end points should be edited to smoothly, but quickly, to go from one answer to the next.
    • Bumbles, goofs, pauses, and repeats should be edited out.
STOP!  Raise your hand.  Politely ask your teacher to look at your project.

Part III -- Add Titles & Effects

  1. Add a Transition
    • Insert a different transition between each clip
    • Shorten down each transition to 0.50 second.
  2. Title the Clip
    • One word to sum up that person's "best thing". For example: Lunch
    • The name should not cover their face (subtitle animation would be good), and should show for the duration of the clip.
    • These titles must have different fonts, different colors, and assorted animations.
  3. Add an Effect
    • On every clip, add an "ease in" or an "ease out".
STOP!  Raise your hand.  Politely ask your teacher to look at your project.

Part IV -- More Clips & Credits

  1. More Clips
    • Add clips until you have at least 60 seconds worth.
    • Do steps 3 through 6 from Part I.
  2. Add Beginning and Ending Titles
    • An intro title slide should run for a few seconds to introduce clips. It could be something like "Best Things about the Middle School".
    • A short credits slide at the end should have your name, the date, the class, and the school.
STOP!  Raise your hand.  Politely ask your teacher to look at your project.

Part V - Make It Snappy

  1. Add Clips -- Add clips until there are AT LEAST twelve of them.
  2. Trim -- Edit the movie down to exactly 60 seconds. How? From MOST of the clips, trim out the words "The best things about the middle school..."
  3. Effects -- Put some interesting video effects on AT LEAST six of the video clips.
  4. Volume -- Adjust the volume on each clip so that each sounds about the same loudness.
  5. Music -- Download music (either public domain or creative commons) and add this to your video. Try this link: Free Music.
STOP!  Raise your hand.  Politely ask your teacher to look at your project.


Part VI - Render & Hand In


Other Notes

  1. Older Directions



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