Video Editing


The process below needs to be tested and confirmed. -- A.W.

To convert an iPad movie file into a Movie Maker compatible video format, do the following:

  1. First, copy the video file to your computer
    • EITHER
    • Upload to DropBox and THEN download to computer
    • OR
    • Copy from iPad directly to your computer using USB charging cable
  2. Run Format Factory -- Start -> Programs -> Format Factory
    • If Format Factory is not there, download and install it  (free)
  3. Set your conversion options
    1. Click on Option
    2. Click on Change
    3. Change the folder to your home directory's project folder
    4. Check "Output to source file folder"
    5. Check "Append setting name"
    6. Check "Open Output Folder"
    7. Click OK
  4. Drag and drop video into Format Factory
    1. Go to My Computer and open the video with your video
    2. Drag the video from the folder into Format Factory
  5. Convert to a compatible format
    1. Choose "All to AVI"
    2. Click on Settings
    3. Change the Video Encode setting to:  MJPEG
    4. Set the Video Size to 1280x720
    5. Click OK and then click... OK
    6. Wait...
    7. Click on Output Folder
    8. Note:  WMV and MPEG1 may also work, but have not been tested
  6. Start the Conversion
    1. Select the file
    2. Click on the Start button
  7. Open MovieMaker
  8. Import the Video


Windows (XP) Movie Maker (v 5.1) Compatible File Types
  • Still images: .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif, .gif
  • Video files: .asf, .avi, .wmv, MPEG1, .mpeg, .mpg, .m1v, .mp2
  • Audio files: .mp3, .wav, .snd, .au, .aif, .aifc, .aiff .wma

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 Video File Types

  • .mts -- AVCHD - 1080p, 720p
  • .mov -- QuickTime Motion JPEG - 720p, 480p, 240p

Apple Ipad Video File Types

  • .mov


Movie Maker will freeze / crash while editing a project that uses video clips saved on the network in MS C129.  This appears to be a network issue, related to switches.  This was not an issue in MS C104.

  • Perhaps this is a conflict with multiple students attempting to use the exact same file?
  • Copy the file from a shared folder into a personal folder.  Use the files in the personal folder to build the project.

Getting Started with Video Editing  <--  Go to Mobicip, and then click on this video.  Plug in your headphones to hear it!