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Media Inventory

Fires, floods, tornadoes, and thefts: unexpected events that can damage your home.

What can you do to recover as quickly as possible from such a tragedy?

One thing you can do is create a list of all your stuff, so that law enforcement and insurance companies can help get it back.


Create an electronic inventory list of at least 20 of your personal media items.

Part 1 - Create & Fill Out Form in Microsoft Excel

  1. Create a Form for your Media by watching videos 10, 20 and 30.
  2. Video Locations:
    1. Google Drive ( sometimes needs to be downloaded to play )
    2. DropBox ( may need the app to play )
    3. Go to My Computer-> Classes-> Wissner-> Handout-> Tutorials
    4. YouTube (older version)
  3. Hint: To highlight: Hold down the mouse button and pull.
  4. Column Widths: 40px, 40px, 300px, 50px, 50px, 150px, 50px
  5. Row Heights for row 6 through 35:  27 pixels
  6. Margins:  Left 0.36, Right 0.26, Top 0.5, Bottom, 0.5
  7. Note: MyMediaFormFull is old, 29 min long, and won't all play from Dropbox
  8. Raise your hand.  Politely ask your teacher to check your spreadsheet.

Part 2 - Fill In the Form and Hand it In to Teacher
  1. Print the form.
  2. Watch this video: How to Fill out the Media Inventory Sheet
  3. Fill out the form.  Complete it at home if necessary.
  4. You may COPY this form using Google Sheets on your iPad and fill it out.
  5. Hand the completed sheet in to your teacher, due the next school day.

Part 3 - Create & Populate Database
  1. Open Microsoft Access (Database Program)
  2. Create Database: Google Drive,  DropBox, (YouTube)
  3. Populate the database with 20 or more records.
  4. Raise your hand.  Politely ask your teacher to check your database.

Part 4 - Create Three Reports
  • Report #1 - Best Media Items
    • Watch Video Tutorial DropBoxGoogle Drive OR (YouTube)
    • If the videos won't play, use these written directions below:
      • Use the Report Wizard to create a report
      • Include all six fields on the report
      • Sort it:
        • Primary -- Rating, from highest to lowest
        • Secondary -- Sale Price, from highest to lowest
        • Tertiary -- Title, alphabetical
      • Title of Report: Best Media Items of [your name]

  • Report #2 - Types of Media Items
    • Use the Report Wizard to create a report
    • Include only 3 fields: Type, Title, and Year
    • Sort it:
      • Primary -- Type, alphabetical
      • Secondary -- Year, from oldest to newest
      • Tertiary -- Title, alphabetical
    • Title of Report: Types of Media Items of [your name]

  • Report #3 - You Design a Report
    • Make a report for yourself that you would like to take home with you to keep.
    • Use the Report Wizard to create a report
    • Fields: Include whichever fields you want on your report.
    • Sort: You decide how to sort, and how many fields to use in the sort.
    • Title: You make up the title, but it must have at least your first & last name.

  • Have Reports Checked
    • Open all of your reports so they are fully zoomed in.
    • Raise your hand.  Politely ask your teacher to check your three reports.

Part 5 - Upload Report to Teacher
  1. Click for tutorial:  DropBoxGoogle Drive, or (YouTube)
  2. Click on the first report: Best Media Items of [your name]
  3. Click on: Office Button -> Print
  4. Set the printer name to the PDF printer (ex: CutePDF Writer).
  5. Save the PDF file in your home directory.
  6. Upload the PDF to Infinite Campus Portal.
  7. Open your Google Drive.
  8. Open your Computer Class folder.  Hint:  My Computer -> your home directory -> Computers
  9. Drag and Drop two files FROM your Computers folder INTO your Google Drive:  1.  your database and 2. the PDF sheet.
  10. Raise your hand. Politely ask your teacher to check that you uploaded correctly.

STOP!!!!  Do not go on unless you have permission from you teacher

Part 6 - States Database
  1. Save your project.
  2. Close Microsoft Access!  Make sure your Media database is NOT open.
  3. You will now create a brand new database, this one of any 10 states that you like.
  4. Examples of states: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, etc.
  5. Hint: If you need help doing something, feel free to watch the videos up above, or from the Countries database project.
  6. Directions for States Database Project.