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Casino Math

  1. Create the following spreadsheets using the Google Apps spreadsheet program.
  2. Look at example of sheet on screen (use LanSchool).
  3. TIP!!!  Use the ALT+Tilde/Squiggle/Accent Key to view all your formulas.
  4. TIP!!!  The dollar sign ($) does NOT work in front of a number for money.
  5. TIP!!!  Add or remove decimals with the little buttons on the toolbar.
  6. TIP!!!  To see more words, use the Word Wrap button that is hidden on the toolbar.
  7. TIP!!!  The Item Pricing web site no longer exists; so don't search for it.
  8. When you finish each video, raise your hand, and politely ask your teacher to check it.


  1. How much does it cost to run a casino? - 11 min. -- If this freezes, play (Emergency Backup).
  2. Share the Google Spreadsheet with your teacher, by clicking on SHARE.  Example:  wissnera+hour@waylandunion.org
  3. Please raise your hand to show your teacher that you have SHARED the assignment.
  4. Part A:  How much are players expected to lose at roulette? - 9 min. - Part A
  5. Part B:  How much are players expected to lose at roulette? - 9 min. - Part B
  6. How much income per player is expected from slot machines? - 10 min.
  7. Please raise your hand to show your teacher that you have completed this assignment.

(Emergency Backup Videos)



  • Spreadsheets
    • Can use spreadsheet formulas including adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.
    • Can format cells to various number types.
    • Can layout spreadsheet with rows and columns including row/column headings.
    • Can copy and paste along columns or down rows.
    • Can create formulas that can be copied/pasted with/without also changing the formulas.
    • Can test hypothesis by changing values in a spreadsheet.
  • Probability
    • Can calculate probabilities (of games)
    • Can calculate expected value for one trial or a number of trials
    • Can calculate house advantage

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