Shopping Online

Mission:  Shop for an item online.  

  1. Search For an Item
    1. In a web browser, go to Google.
    2. Search for Shopping.
    3. Click on the link for Google Shopping.
    4. If you do not think of an item within 60 seconds, then you will search for the DVD of "Pay It Forward".
    5. Type in an item you would be interested in purchasing.
    6. Make sure the item is available from many stores; if not, search for a different item.
    7. Then, click on the item.
    8. Click on "from 20+ stores".  (There should be at least 10 stores.  If not, search for something else.)
    9. After that, click on "View all __ online stores".
  2. Check Store Reviews
    1. Open a Google Doc -- Document
    2. Write the names of three of the stores.
    3. Search for Better Business Bureau.
    4. Type in the the name of one of your stores.
    5. Find the review for that store.
    6. Press the Print Screen button at the top right of your keyboard.
    7. Under your paragraph, paste that into your document.
    8. Repeat for the other two stores.
  3. Check Web Sites of Stores
    1. In separate tabs, go to the web site for each of the three stores.
    2. Try to purchase the item from each store.
      1. Select the item.
      2. Add to "bag" or "cart" or "list"
      3. Try to checkout.  Look for the "https" with the s.
    3. Take a screenshot of each web site.
    4. Paste each screenshot into your document.
  4. Write About the Three Stores
    1. Write a paragraph about each of the three businesses.
    2. Include the following information:
      • the business name
      • a brief overview of their rating and/or reviews
      • whether or not there is a physical address & phone number on the businesses site
      • whether or not an "s" was included on the http address (https)
      • why you would or would not purchase from this company
  5. Hand In Your Project
    1. Share your Google Doc with your teacher's Google Email address.
    2. Raise your hand.
    3. Politely ask your teacher to check your work.

Issues with the original of this page:
  • spelling error (received)
  • sentences too long, high reading level
  • Google changes too quickly
  • BBB reviews are not detailed and difficult to read
  • Google Shopping does not have listed
  • Physical address, phone number, and https are not on BBB.
  • most people will buy from or; perhaps using Google to search