Microsoft Word Tutorials

Mission:  Learn to accurately and quickly create a eye-pleasing flyer using Microsoft Word.

Do THREE assignments:
  1. Adventure Flyer - Follow Along with Videos (130-150) - Upload to Campus Portal When Done (UCPWD)
  2. Puppy for Sale Flyer - Follow along with 160 Word Ch 1 Lab 1 Instructions - (UCPWD)
  3. Specialty Wedding Treats - Follow along with 170 Word Ch 1 Lab 2 Instructions - (UCPWD)
  • Available in DropBox - start with 130
  • Also available in Google Drive
  • Also available on the network drive, no Internet needed:
    • Computers -> MS Classes (Q:) -> Wissner -> Handout -> Word Processor
Upload each file to Campus Portal when you are done with each.

  • Plug in earbuds or headphones before playing a video.
  • Occasionally, videos will freeze.  Click on the download link to avoid freezes.