Hints (from Students)
  • tune up for 10-15 minutes, 5-10, 10 min, 
  • tuning wave?
  • warm up with scales and/or octaves
  • practice for 3-minutes on a rough spot (after stopping); 3-minutes
  • raise hands, say "bows up", wait, then if needed, tap baton
  • Start: one-two-three-four
  • Count Loudly to  -- or don't clap?
  • clap while they play
  • Use baton - or don't?
  • Baton down, left, right, up -- do you do this in class normally?
  • split into small groups
  • Double Trouble - split into parts?
  • Like playing "Symphony in G Major"
  • Like playing "Medieval Kings"
  • Like to practice individually and in small groups
  • If falling apart, call out the measure we're coming up to
  • Enjoyed Songs Played on Speaker! :-) -- but got them distracted
  • Ask what the right speed is for certain songs
  • People sometimes mess around in the practice rooms
  • Replay Pieces
  • Don't pace around the room :-)
  • Write order of songs on the board :-)
  • Ask the class to raise a hand to answer a question