Set up notifications on your iPad or other iOS device.
  1. Set up Mail app
    1. Open Setting
    2. Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars
      1. Add Account
      2. Exchange
      3. type in full email address and password then touch "next"
      4. fill in Server as:
      5. leave domain blank
      6. username box:  type your email address
      7. leave all notifications on (green) and then press Save
      8. under "preview" change it to "5 Lines"
      9. change default email account to the same account
    3. Open Notifications
      1. Open "Mail"
      2. tap on this same account
      3. turn everything to green (on)
      4. set Alert Style to Alerts
      5. exit out of settings
Note 1: Using the Mail app set up with Exchange will allow you to receive email notifications in 5 seconds or less.
Note 2: The Gmail app also works very similarly, but the alerts can only show a very small amount of text.
Note 3: Setting up Mail app as "Google" account will not allow for quick retrieval of emails.  It may take 15-minutes or more to receive an alert!

  1. Download the Campus Portal app
  2. District code for Wayland Union Schools is:  CZSCYT
  3. Username is your six digit student number / lunch code, for example:  159876 
  4. Your password is your first initial, last initial, month of birth as 2-digits, day of birth as 2-digits, and year of birth as 2-digits, ex: js040702 for Jane Smith born April 7th, 2002.
  5. Turn all notifications ON
  6. Set Alert Style to Alerts
  7. Decrease lunch alert to $10.00
When you receive a Campus Portal alert:
  1. The alerts do NOT update the app.  So, after receiving an alert, make sure to update the app data by pressing the circle arrow.
  2. Go to Assignments
  3. Read the comment
  4. Talk with the teacher if you have any questions.