Storage Tools

  • Web Site
    • Maximum upload of 300 MB from computer web page, without using app
    • Takes about 2 minutes to download a 5 minute file of about 350 MB.
    • Renaming - works
  • App for iPad
    • Unlimited file size for upload
    • Easy to upload from camera roll
    • Download by shared files by starring
    • Save to Camera Roll after starring
    • Renaming - not possible
    • Might have issues downloading some files (look into this)
  • App for Computer
    • Can not sync to a network drive folder; but can sync to an external hard drive
    • Will automatically copy anything in cloud folder to the local hard drive
    • Files deleted in these folders will also be deleted in all other places
    • Renaming - works
  • Link
    • May download photos, but not videos, to camera roll
Google Drive
  • App for iPad
    • No apparent file size limit
    • Easy upload from camera roll
    • Download to device by starring
    • No apparent way to save to camera roll
    • Creation of Documents and Spreadsheets possible
    • Spreadsheets, can not edit charts
    • No presentation editing or creation
    • Renaming is possible

  • Teacher may upload files
  • Students may download videos (and images) to camera roll
  • ? Can students upload files ?

iTunes U
  • ? How are courses created?
  • ? How are videos shared?


Software Required (all free)
  1. iOS6 or iOS7
  2. Photos
  3. Notes
  4. DropBox
  5. Promptware - Teleprompter
  6. Splice (free) for iPhone
  7. Google Drive
Notes on Free Video Editors for iPad
  • Video Star - Notes: offers in-app purchases, 
  • Magisto (iPhone version) - Notes: offers in-app purchases, can not export to camera roll; offers Theme and Music as required; says "preparing and uploading" and "agree to terms and conditions"
  • Splice (iPhone version) - 
  • Video Editor Free - Notes from teacher - advertisements on all screens, compresses video (time consuming), audio only plays through headphones; have to buy features individually such as transitions, audio; can not edit start/end point of clips; no way to adjust volume of clips -- conclusion: Splice does everything VEF can do, and more
  • Vimeo Video Editor
  • Action Movie FX
  • Cinemagram
  • Animoto
  • Videolicious
  • Loopster
iTunes Software for $5

Tripod Mount for iPad