News Ideas

Regular Segments - Keep It Short & Simple -- KISS

Ideas for Components of the Script
  • Events - not necessarily every day - after school
    • Fine Arts Center
    • Music Concerts - MS, HS, Pine, Elementary
    • Events in the District - Wayland, Dorr, Gun Lake, Etc.
  • Activities - during school day (upcoming meetings & school events) - not necessarily every day
    • Elections
    • Student Council
    • Builders Club
    • Spirit Week
    • Dress up Days
    • Lunch Clubs
    • Contests (to collect things)
    • Etcetera
  • Anniversaries
    • Student Birthdays
    • Staff Birthdays
    • Building or District
    • Historical Figures (from history books)
    • Historical Anniversaries (US Holidays especially)
  • Survey
    • For students to do on iPad during News
    • link from News/Media page
  • Technology
    • Useful App
    • Useful Web Site
    • Tip or Trick for iPad
  • Photo/Video Clip of the Day
    • taken by student or staff
    • submitted via email or dropbox

Later, after completion of staff interviews
  • Student Interview
    • All students interviewed one time - no repeats
    • Four per day
    • one 7th girl, one 7th boy, one 8th girl, one 8th boy
    • names drawn at random
    • done before school or during lunch

  • watch TV news especially local Michigan news and national news
  • watch other daily news online from high schools and middle schools
  • everyone makes a 1-minute report
  • everyone does a survey of the entire student body

What interests students?
  • opportunities & future changes
    • sports sign ups
    • upcoming sporting events
    • upcoming school events
    • upcoming weather
    • upcoming birthdays
    • after school opportunities
    • contests (photos, videos, art, singing, poem, funny joke, etc.)
    • schedule changes
    • new rules
    • statewide opportunities, national opportunities
    • new educational iPad apps
    • cool tips

  •  what happened already
    • sports results
    • things other people weren't able to see (concerts, sporting events, dances, etc.)
    • interviews with the faculty
    • interviews with students

  • Record things off school grounds
  • Record things outside of class hours
  • Take advantage of time before 1st hour and at lunchtime
  • Record things during other class time, with permission of teachers