Mission:  Complete various projects to learn about news and media.
  1. NEW!!!  Project about the Library !
  2. NEW!!!  iMovie 2.0 Tutorial Videos to Create a Newscast!!!
  3. Splice Tutorial - learn to use video editing software to create a movie with photo and video clips
  4. Promptware Tutorial - learn to use a teleprompter program
  5. Light Pollution - create a short video report about light pollution using photos and audio
  6. Portfolio 1 - create a newscast using all of your own clips from the first rotation using Splice
  7. News Values - learn about the news values and how to select the most interesting items
  8. Portfolio 2 - watch videos at bottom; create a newscast using iMovie
  9. Improvement - write about things you can improve, and things you did improve
  10. Portfolio 8 -- final portfolio of the class