News Values

On your computer in NotePad, write the following
  2. Write a few sentences about what makes something interesting.
  3. As a class, watch one report from a local TV news channel.
  4. What is not news?
  5. What are eight (8) news values?
  6. After each news value, write a recent segment from our newscast that has that value.
  7. Watch a second report from a local TV news channel.
  8. Paste the link to the story.
  9. Write a summary of that report. 
  10. Make a list of the news values from that report.
  11. Copy and paste into the "Project - News Values" assignment in Campus Portal.

Quick List and Quick Points

News is information that is new to a person.

The "news values" are what makes that information interesting or useful.

Here are eight news values:
  1. Impact - affects a large group of people, a.k.a. consequence
  2. Timeliness - is it happening today or nine years from now.  The closer to now, the more interesting it is. a.k.a. immediacy; related to suspense
  3. Proximity - is it happening where the viewer is right now, or far, far, far away?
  4. Oddity - is it something out of the ordinary, that does not happen all the time, that has never happened before; a.k.a. bizzarreness, related to progress
  5. Conflict - is there complete agreement, or disagreement
  6. Prominence - if the people / place / thing / idea is very well known or familiar
  7. Currency - related to recent or current stories
  8. Human Interest - about someone who has achieved something rare or unexpected; related to emotion