Movies I've Seen

Create a slideshow (using PowerPoint) about some of your favorite movies (minimum of 3).

Tutorial Videos

Example Slides:  Movies I've Seen

These must be movies you watched with the permission of your parent(s) or your legal guardian(s), rated G, PG or PG-13.  (Note:  If you aren't thinking of a choice, then make pages for: 1. Star Wars, 2. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and 3. National Treasure.)

Title Slide:
  • Something like "Movies I've Seen" or "My Favorite Movies" or "Some of My Favorite Movies"
  • In the subtitle: your first and last name

Picture Slides:
  • Include the title, and
  • three school appropriate photos or animated GIFs from the film (maximum 3 per movie).
Rating Slides:

On the slide AFTER the photo slide, have three lines about age ratings:
  • Line one - the MPAA rating [G, PG, PG-13] (make it a link) 
  • Line two - the Kids in Mind rating (make it a link to the page)
  • Line three - the Common Sense Media rating (make this a link to the page)
  • Write a few sentences to describe why it carries that age rating from Common Sense Media.
  • Add a sentence about when you first saw this film.

  • Animate each rating slide, "by paragraph on click"
  • Add transitions to each slide
  • Add borders around every picture
  • What are some movies YOU have watched?

Upload it to Campus Portal and present it in front of class.

For Your Information:  For TV Shows, there are also Content Ratings: