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Now that you have completed the writing, improve it by doing the following:

  1. Capitalize the first letter in:
    1. a sentence, ex. Rain fell outside.
    2. a bulleted list
  2. the pronoun "I"
  3. All proper names
  4. letter grades, ex. ...earn an A in math...
  5. Capitalize the first letter for each word in:
    1. a title, such as a title on a page or slide
  6. Capitalize all letters in the words:
    1. TV  ( or television )
    2. GPA ( or Grade Point Average )


  • Put a period ( . ) at the end of every sentence
  • Use a dash - to separate things, make sure there is a space on both sides
  • Do not use a comma ( , ) before the word "because" in a sentence


  • Type questionable words into Google
  • Use the spell check (word list)
  • Spell all contractions correctly
    • it is = it's
    • do not  = don't
    • they are = they're


  • Read every word and every sentence, fix all errors