Use Google Sheets to learn to practice solving algebraic equations.


  • Jabara
    • Works on iPad
    • Click on Hourglass: Assigned by Teacher
    • 1-20 Simplifying 
    • 21-40 Adding to Both Sides
    • 41-60 Coefficients
    • 61-80 Unknowns on both Sides
    • 81-100 Fractions, Dividing Both Sides
    • 101-120 Multiplying Both Sides
    • 121-140 Brackets and Bracketed Terms
    • 141-160 Factors, Adding Fractions
    • 161-180 More Complex Fractions

    • equation puzzles, certain number of steps, solving equations with one unknown by combining like terms
    • may have limited levels without a sign in / account
    • undo, lower right corner
    • press play to quickly move to the next puzzle
    • puzzles: 81+
    • level 69 -> (uh oh) "you can make a number swap sides, it must change sign to keep the equation balanced"
    • level 77 -> switch side of a negative unknown to make it positive
    • level 81 -> division begins; 94 -> unknown can be a fraction
    • level 101 -> multiply both sides by the same number; 104 multiply all terms by same number
    • level 114 -> drag divisor up onto 
    • level 121 -> brackets
    • question: is it too mechanical; will it transfer to paper pencil?
    • 30 day free demo teacher account
  • Algebra Meltdown
    • solve for unknown
    • some addition of negative numbers

Solve equations:

Algebraic Understanding

Example Equations:
    -y + 10 = x - 7
    2x + -8 = -2y - -10

  • Teacher or student can create account
    • Game world
      • Get clothing, devices, pets, experience points, etc.
      • Collect "pets"
    • Appears that student can override teacher selected grade level
      • May have to set each student grade level individually
    • Assignments are made per-student, so if a student is added, they do not seem to have the assignments of the rest of the class.
      • Can set the number of problems of each type for the students.
    • Animation and game play is about 75% of the game time if the student knows the answers quickly.
    • Problem area
      • Has calculator
      • Can write on the screen to take notes
      • Some of the problems are extremely wordy, even more-so than old textbooks
    • Screens between worlds flash too fast to read, even for adults
    • Battling random characters does not seem to work; pauses for about a minute.
    • Enemies run away, not killed, but word "attack" is used
    • Frequent requests for "Become A Member for Only $10/month, etc." (after every battle?)
    • Annoying background music, can only be turned off in certain screens
    • No obvious way to exit out of "battle" sequence, or where you might be "saved" at what point
    • Does not have real tutorial after failing an answer
    • Offers a reading opportunity for younger readers... but it reads most of the screens out loud, so perhaps not.