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Mission:  Present a slide show to your class.  It must be made using Microsoft PowerPoint (not Google Slides and not Apple Keynote).

Video Tutorial
You will present it in the front of class to earn a grade.

Example Project:  My Countdown  

Do the project in this order:
  1. Open a Microsoft PowerPoint with white blank slides:
  2. Save it in your Computers folder as:  Lastname Firstname YYYY MM DD My Countdown
  3. Title slide -- it must at least say: "My Countdown" and your first and last name
  4. Make all 16 of the main slides without images, for example:  All 18 Slides in One Image
  5. You will have FOUR countdowns:
    • Before those three slides in the countdown, it needs to have a title slide, like:  "Top 3 Places to Visit!"
      • 3 things you have never attempted, but really want to try or do!
      • 3 places you've never been, but desperately want to visit!
      • 3 people (who are alive) who you've never met, but you really want to meet!
      • 3 impossible dreams: things that you'd love to do or see but which are utterly impossible
  6. Closing slide -- it must at least say:  "What's Your Countdown" and your first & last name
  7. Add the Images!
    • BIG TIP:  Save images from the Internet to your Home Directory THEN insert in your slides.  *Do not drag and drop.*
  8. Add a theme, the same for all slides.
  9. Every image needs a border, and a fancy effect
  10. A transition, the same for all slides, that is timed for 1.0 seconds or less
  11. The "Top 3 Places to Visit!" must have a Google My Map image with pins in the 3 places
When you present in the front of class, speak clearly, look at the audience, and use the clicker (presenter) to go from one slide to the next.

When you present, do it as a countdown! For example:
  • Say, "Here are the top 3 places I'd love to visit in my lifetime!  Number 3: (change slide)
  • the Great Pyramid in Egypt!  Number 2: (change slide)
  • the Great Barrier Reef in Australia!  And, the Number 1 place I'd most like to visit: (change slide)
  • The Great Wall of China!"
Before presenting it, upload and attach to the Campus Portal assignment.  You may have to "save as 'for web'" first.

Good luck!!! :-)