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Watch all videos
Use "hints" if you need help
Make sure all puzzles “dark green” (not light green or yellow)
  • Assignment 1 - Lesson 1 & 2
  • Assignment 2 - Lesson 3 - 6
  • Assignment 3 - Lesson 7 & 8
Your account is already set up!  Go into Clever and click on  Make sure you are doing the Express Course!!!

Set Up Your Account
  1. Plug in headphones.
  3. Copy and paste this code in the box:  ASK TEACHER FOR THE CODE
  4. Name:  Your LAST NAME then your first name.
  5. Username:  Same as your log in:  lastnamefirstname with no spaces.
  6. Password:  One you can remember easily. -- DOUBLE CHECK IT!!!
  7. Gender: Male or Female
  8. Birthday:  Put year, month, and day
  10. Click "Continue".
Watch Videos, Read Instructions, Complete Puzzles
  1. If the video will not play, click Download Video and save it.  Then play it.
  2. Go to or
  3. Watch video.
  4. Click Start.
  5. Do the first Tutorial for beginners with Angry Birds.
  6. Watch video Maze Intro.  (This uses blocklee.)
  7. Read the directions, and do what they say, for example:
    1. Stack a couple of "move forward" blocks together and press "Run Program" to help me get there.
  8. Click "Show Code" to see your code.  Do this after every puzzle.
  9. Sign in.  Use a username and password you can remember.
  10. If a video doesn't play, read the script.
  11. When you finish a se

  1. Watch every video.  Rewind if you miss something.  Re-watch if you're having trouble.
  2. Read the directions.  The directions always have hints in them.
  3. Click on "Show Code" and see the actual code!  This will help you in later puzzles.
  4. Make sure your number of blocks MATCHES the number in the goal.

Codes & Teaching Notes:
  • Move
  • Turn
  • Set color
  • Repeat X times
  • Repeat until Y
  • If ... Then/Do
  • If ... Then... Else
  • While (path ahead); Remove; Fill
  • Stage 11.2: Functions -- Includes number & variables.  Explain this in advance. (These can be confusing to students because they look like programs.)
  • Stage 11.6: Counters -- Explain this in advance.
  • Stage 13.4 and beyond -- write functions -- explain this to students
  • Stage 15.5 -- Build a Function made of Functions; name an empty function
  • Stage 15.6 -- Function with Parameter
  • Stage 17 -- this is debugging using everything above
  • Stage 19 -- experiment by changing programs
Other Hour of Code Lessons
  • 4/5 - Minecraft - includes repeat times, nice music (calm), if-statements, might require some prior knowledge of block types  (tested 11/18/2015)
  • 2/5 - Star Wars - no repeats, loops, conditions, functions, etc.  Last level creates a move to get points game.  Mostly an ad for Star Wars.  (tested 11/18/2015)

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