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Animation Creation

Quest 3 - Your Own Animation - Tell a Story

You will create an animation that tells a simple story!

In this story include the following:
  • A plot or story with a beginning, middle, and end
  • A conversation between at least two sprites
  • Costume changes
  • Movement
Do part 3A, 3B, and 3C below to create your story!!!  :-)

Part 3A - Create a storyboard

Create a storyboard.

Ideas for story
  • Ask person to a dance
  • Talk about a dress up day (spirit week)
  • Discuss a favorite sporting game
  • Talk about a science idea or current event
  • Chat about a cool web site, or movie, or place to visit, or etc.
  • Use Storyboard That
  • Add cells so that you have a 3x2 cell configuration
  • Put at least two characters in each cell
  • Have each character speak at least once in each cell
  • Move and/or change expression of characters from cell to cell
  • Give the story a good title or name
  • Make sure to Save!  Use your school email address, and a password and username you can remember.
  • Example:  The Carnation Sale
Raise your hand. Politely ask your teacher to check your project.

Part 3B - Learn a few things

Do each step below.  After you finish each part, raise your hand.  Save this project as "Move, Change, Talk".
  1. Video 210 - Making a sprite change costume
  2. Video 220 - Making a conversation
  3. Video 230 - Different ways to create movement
Raise your hand. Politely ask your teacher to check your project.

Part 3C

Now, create a new project in Scratch, and use everything you know to create your animation!

  1. Create a new project
  2. Add a sprite: for example: Boy1 and Girl1.
  3. Write the dialogue using one of the sprites. -- Review Video 220 for Help
  4. Give your characters Costume Changes, at the right time in your script.
  5. Add movement to your characters.
  6. Finally, add a background!!!