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Go Animate

  1. Right-click and "Open Link in a New Window" ->".
  2. Click on "Sign Up" at the top.
  3. Watch the commercial for Go Animate.
  4. Click "Make a Video".
  5. Scroll down and "Select a Theme".  Choose one that does NOT say "Please subscribe to business plan to save!"
  6. Click on the icon with the two heads called "Template".
    • Comedy World
    • Lil' Peepz
    • White Houserz
    • Anime
    • Space Peepz
    • Chibi Peepz
    • Chibi Ninjas
    • Lil' Petz World
  7. There will probably be two free choices for the setting; select one.
  8. Follow the steps.
  9. Create 10 lines of dialogue.
  10. Raise your hand and show your teacher when complete!

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