File Sharing EXAM


  • Write a detailed 5 paragraph report about illegal file sharing.


  • Do each step below, carefully, without skipping any steps.

A - Watch Video

  1. Watch the following video about one case of illegal file sharing:
  2. Video:  (DropBox) or (Local)  -- Source:

B - Compose Email

  1. Compose an email from your school’s Google account.
  2. To: Your Teacher ( )
  3. Subject: [your hour] - COMPUTER CLASS EXAM.

C - Write 1st Paragraph

  1. Body: In your OWN words, write a long, detailed paragraph to summarize the legal case seen in the video.
  2. Hint: You may rewatch the video as many times as needed.
  3. Hint: Do not SEND!  Continue below!

D - Read Article & Write 2nd Paragraph

  1. Carefully read this Internet article.
  2. Former Cheerleader Fined Thousands of Dollars for Illegally Downloading Songs -- Original Article
  3. Write a new, long paragraph in your email to summarize this Texas case. (Hint: Never copy-paste when writing.)

E - Watch Video & Write 3rd Paragraph

  1. Watch the following video about Joel Tenenbaum:
  2. Video:  (DropBox) or (Local) -- Source:
  3. In your OWN words, write a long, detailed paragraph in your email to summarizes this case.

F - Write Two Paragraphs - Introductory & Conclusion

  1. Hint: You should now have a long, detailed email of three paragraphs that summarizes the three cases.
  2. To the beginning of the report, add an introductory paragraph that grabs the reader's attention, and gives a summary of the report.
  3. Add, at the bottom, a paragraph that summarizes and concludes your report.

G - Send the Email to Your Teacher

  1. HINT:  Make sure you email ALL five paragraphs of your report in ONE email.
  2. Send the email!
  3. Check your INBOX to make sure that it did not bounce back to you. Resend it if necessary.
  4. Click on SENT mail, open the email.
  5. Copy all five paragraphs.  (First highlight everything carefully.  Then use CTRL+C to copy everything.)
  6. Raise your hand.  When your teacher comes over, say that you sent the email!

H - Edit Your Report in Microsoft Word

  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Use Ctrl+V to paste all five paragraphs from your "sent email" into Word.
  3. Use Word to correct all errors, including:
    • Spelling!
    • Grammar!
    • Punctuation!
    • Capitalization!
    • Etc.
  4. Make sure there is a blank line BETWEEN every paragraph.
  5. Select your entire report (you can use Ctrl+A).
  6. Copy (Ctrl+C) your improved report.

I - Use Notepad to Get Rid of Hidden Characters

  1. Open NOTEPAD!
  2. Paste (Ctrl+V) your edited essay from WORD into NOTEPAD.
  3. Why?  This will remove all hidden, invisible characters that would be a problem in the final step.
  4. Click on FORMAT at the top, then WORD WRAP.   You will now see all your paragraphs.
  5. Copy (Ctrl+C) the essay FROM notepad.

J - Submit your Report to your Campus Portal account

  1. Log in to your Infinite Campus Portal.  To do this, right-click and "open in a new tab" this link: Portal.
  2. Click on the name of this class.
  3. THEN, click on this assignment / exam.  Hint: Scroll toward the bottom.
  4. Use (Ctrl+V) to paste all five paragraphs into the box.
  5. Click on Save or Submit.
  6. Raise your hand to show your teacher that you submitted your EXAM.

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