The following school/classroom rules that are particularly relevant to this class.  See the student handbook for additional details.
  • Phones - They should neither visible during in the classroom or during class time.  Phones should never be "on" in class.  See below from the HS Student Handbook.
    • CELL PHONE, SMART PHONE, RADIO, CD PLAYERS, I-PODS, MP3 PLAYERS, CAMERAS, VIDEO RECORDERS:  REGULATION: Cell Phone, Smart Phone, Radio, CD players, headphones, or any electronic sound devices may not be used in classrooms, restrooms, or locker rooms.  CONSEQUENCES: First and second violation – electronic equipment is confiscated for one week or until parent picks it up and detention. Third and subsequent violations equipment is confiscated and a parent must pick up from the school office and detention to 3 Hour Wednesday Detention."
  • Food - No food should be visible at any time in the computer lab / media lab.
  • Drinks - The only drinks that should be visible in class are water in a closed container.  These must be on the floor, never on a desk.
  • Tardy - Students are on time when they are logged in and ready to start when the tardy bell rings.  Leaving class after the bell also would count as tardy.
  • Hallway - All students must sign out of the classroom anytime they are out of the room.
  • Other - All school rules and district policies apply.  Also see "The Answer"