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Email to students, Saturday, March 14, 2015

As you read over the course description, please note everything.  One, for example, it is expected that each student learns and demonstrates excellent interviewing skills.  There are lots of such requirements in the course description.

​That being said, how will I as the teacher evaluate how each student has done on this?  Most likely by you submitting your finished, publishable videos into your DropBox folder, and me using a rubric to credit points to each item.  For example, suppose the class agrees that everyone interview one different teacher this week.  The rubric would probably include:  steady camera work, good sound, good framing of the subject, one - two - or three angle/camera interview, pleasant screen presence, clear and easy to understand voice, minimal background noise, effective editing with video/graphics which improve/enhance the video, added video which perfectly matches the audio, etc.

​What the middle school students did was, after three weeks or so, putting all their own videos together as a "show", featuring themselves in every different reporting role, including the anchor/host -- which they submitted as their "Portfolio Show" to demonstrate both their work product and ability at editing.  Your class may be going a different way on having everyone rotate through every assignment, although, to meet the course description, you'll need to be taking on a number of different roles.  Perhaps you'll create a portfolio show of your work, it just won't look like a finished show that could air on its own.

​So, there you go.  Some thoughts for the morning.  It has been a great start this week.  In class, having discussions, making decisions, getting to know the strengths of the team, that seems quite a good use of time.  As you start using some/most classtime ensuring the daily broadcast is ready, you might find that some discussion/debate/decisions can be at least partially carried on outside of class using a blog or TodaysMeet or some other online tool that you might be familiar with.  I'm also very excited to see what you create outside of class, and how you utilize all your skills and abilities, and especially how you incorporate all the students and staff into this process.

​Oh, another thought, regarding how we might determine if the various segments of the news are effective, an all student survey, probably daily, to win some sort of prize, which asks questions about facts that a careful listener would remember.  For example, "When is the day of talent show tryouts?"  "Where will that meet?"

​Finally, please remember that your assignment, Q13, is due today, Saturday.  Spend some time thinking about it, and perhaps tallking about it with a friend or parent, and then write a well thought out response which demonstrates effective writing.  


​Mr. Wissner

​P.S.  There is some sort of web site where you can all put in your phone numbers, so I can text you updates.  That might be useful to set up, especially if their is a breaking news story that one of you might be in the vacinity to cover.  Those sorts of stories get a lot of interest because they have many "news values".  The news values, by the way, you can read more about on the web site.  :-)

Message to Students regarding Monday, March 16

On March 16, students will be scheduling in the Mega Lab, D403 and Media Center Lab.
Aaron Wisner will be in D402 (Nelson's) room 1st hour.

Message to High School Staff from Principal Cutler, Monday, March 9, 2015:

In the very near future our Digital Journalism class will be providing you with a link to our new "Video Announcements". These will take the place of the announcements read at the beginning of second hour. The video announcements will be approximately 4 minutes in length. Teachers will be expected to have students during second hour view the announcements. It is recommended that you show the announcements at the beginning of class, however, faculty will have the ability to show them at anytime during second hour. I'll leave the rest of the details for Mr. Wissner to share at a future time.

iMovie Install Tips:
Here is some information about the application license push that will help this morning:
The students will a pop up saying "Allow App and Book Assignment?" They have to say continue! If they click Cancel it stops the process and will not start again.
The next pop up will say "Sign-In Required" They need to click Sign In, hitting Cancel will again stop the process and it will not start again.
They then need to sign in with their apple ID password.
When the Terms and Conditions and Apple Privacy Policy wind come up they need to scroll to the bottom and click Agree, hitting Cancel will again stop the process and it will not start again.
The next window it a second agree windows for the agreement, they just need to click agree, hitting Cancel will again stop the process and it will not start again.
The last window is a final "allow Assignment" window they click OK and they are done.