Peers in USA

Local Broadcasts:

Ideas & Thoughts

Best YouTube Search
    "news 30 high school" -- reports on spirit week, charity drive for homeless, 10 kids you'll meet in high school, how to log in to infinite campus
    16 minutes, too long, -- reports on changing of the guard, parkour, etc.

Do we want to make a daily or a weekly?

Make sure to feature lots and lots and lots of students, staff, parents, and community members.  :-)
    Good interview question, and nice interspersing of interview answers and interviews.  Good sound

Partner with a local TV News staff member and/or station; guest speaker, and go to visit

Use the news values to determine what stories to work on

Remember that many parents and community members will be watching

There should always be a written version

Each story / report should be on the web site separately from the entire newscast,

This class is a door into a future of storytelling, reporting, media, communication, broadcast, etc.  Take it serious.
    Nice throw from anchor to reporter; good talking points from reporter, on location is nice.
    Daily on YouTube
    Good, short, only 3 minutes
    Clearly a bulletin sort
    Good that people are talking
    Nice use of greenscreen
    Done via YouTube live stream
    Nice back and forth between the anchors
    Good multi camera zooming
    Teachers get mohawks and/or head shaved for a student who died
    Wow, this anchor is excited, go Austin.
    A teacher interview; make the subject fun
    Very good sound
    Note:  Remember to show pictures from EVERY sport event.  Solicit pictures from the athletes and/or spectators.
    Funny angel/devil skit for anchor
    "When things go wrong, don't go with them."
    This week in history
    "Respect, Responsibility, Safety"
    Birthday Time
    5th tardy = detention  commercial = but too long
    Red ribbon week
    Deodorant commercial lol
    "Video Announcements"
    nice use of pull focus on skit, different angles for school play, good quotes
    Science Fact of the Week -- but need titles
    This is a weekly show
    Good announcement from the high school
    Nice reverse angles, slow mo -- should we have one project one that allows 2 to 5 days to complete?

There should be a quiz after every show, with a winners drawn from those that answered all the questions.

How do we improve upon our own PA announcements?

What do we want to people to feel while and after watching?

What do we want people to think while and after watching?

What do we want people to remember and talk about after watching?

Can the viewer remember anything from the report?  Remember, that telling is not teaching.

Consider touring other school district programs, such as TK, Caledonia, etc.
    Cool mini-movie
    Nice editing, multi angle/multi camera
    Another mini-movie
Focus on amazing things, interesting things, cool things that our students are already doing:  gymnastics, hockey, guitar, 

Include something inspiring from the Internet
    Water Polo story
    If Wayland had a good pool, what other sports could we offer?
    Very good interviewing, editing together the interviews.  Good cover video
    Trick or treat for UNICEF
    "Service Hours" earned, probably signed by any staff member?
    Great interview around campus question; very funny; what is your biggest fear
    Awesome Announcement slides, done by the art class or an artistic computer students
    Really high production value sports
    Very good PAUSES between talking about each sport
    Good video credits at the end
    This is a monthly show
    Includes pledge of allegiance
    Includes Texas pledge
    Moment of silence with a quote
    Audio too loud on one segment
    Food drive
    Key Club
    Trick or treat for coins OR for food
    National Honor Society
Need to partner with an actual TV station; Wood TV; or more than one.    
Organize five teams, each team that gets a day?

Have a feature story / advertisement for every club and every sport (and every elective class?)

How about a 1 question survey each day to everyone in the district?
    Weather - green screen
    Pumpkin Drop
    not a full episode, more of just a couple stories
    Nice background but too far back to see the anchors well
    Door decorating contest
    Class rings
    Senior pictures
    Mystery Question
    Lunch Menu