Daily Bulletin

The following sequence should be used to produce the daily video bulletin:

  1. Log in to a computer.
  2. Sign in to Google Drive using the wumsmedia@waylandunion.org account.
  3. Open the folder: "Wayland Union High School Daily Bulletin"
  4. Open the DRAFT Bulletin for today.
  5. Make sure all present students are assigned at least one announcement (before anyone takes on a 2nd one).
  6. All students should open the SAME file on their iPad so they can see all the announcements.
  7. In a different tab, open Gmail.
  8. Around 7:50, when today's final bulletin comes in, do the following:
    1. Open the email with the final Daily Bulletin's attached.
    2. "Save to Drive" the bulletin into the Google Drive folder "Wayland Union High School Daily Bulletin" (also called "move").
    3. In a new tab, open Google Drive.
    4. Right click -> Open with -> Google Docs  (It will open in a new tab.)
    5. Rename it at the top as: yyyymmdd day-of-week FINAL Daily Bulletin; example: 20150324 Tuesday FINAL Daily Bulletin.
    6. Open the Final and copy anything new into the DRAFT document.
    7. Make sure all announcements are covered.
    8. Go to Google Drive again.  Delete the W word version of the bulletin.
  9. When tomorrow's DRAFT bulletin comes in, do the same process as above but rename this one with DRAFT instead of FINAL.
Recording / Reporting
  1. Do pluses and wishes inspired from yesterday's show.  Do not rush this.  Have a good discussion.
  2. Do a read-through of the entire bulletin, with each team member reading their own part.  Have each person say WHERE they plan to record.  As the read-through is going, point out anything that needs to be re-written to improve clarity and suggest improvements.  Update the script with the improvements.
  3. All students should rehearse at least 3 to 5 time before leaving the room.
  4. Record in a location that matches the announcement.  Think of an appropriate visual aid that matches the report.  Make sure the recording location is quiet.
  5. After recording, listen to the recording using headphones.  Listen for any unwanted noises and/or sounds.
  6. Watch as well, make sure there are no photo-bombs or other issues.  The video should look great, like a nicely composed photograph.
  7. Record extra video for cutaways, such as a close up of a sign up sheet, a smiling waving staff member, etc.  More B-roll video like this is better, because it can be used in editing.
  8. Return to class.  Edit the video.  Add at least 2 titles: 1 introductory and 1 detailed.  (Better yet, add one brief yet descriptive title for each fact.)
  9. Insert Cutaways and/or Picture-in-Picture using the B-roll recorded earlier.
  10. Trim the start and end of the video so no more than 1 second is before or after that announcement.
  11. Have a classmate give an honest assessment of the piece.  Rerecord if necessary.  Look for any spelling/grammar/etc. errors.
  12. Render at the highest quality available (720p or 1080p).
  13. Transfer to the DJ iPad.
  14. See if there are any more announcements that need to be done for today.  If so, sign up, and repeat the steps above.
  15. Upload to DropBox and rename all of these.
  16. If all of that is done, start working on your assignment for tomorrow.
Editing / Publishing
  1. Check DJ iPad and cables out from HS library desk.
  2. In iMovie start a new basic project.
  3. Insert the animated titles and credits.
  4. Assist students in transferring files to the DJ iPad using the connection cable.
  5. Insert announcements as they arrive.
    1. Remove transitions
    2. Increase audio levels to match other clips.
    3. Arrange them so that the same person doesn't appear in two-in-a-row.
    4. Put "Sign of the Day" and other "soft news" towards the end.
    5. Put in the Welcome after the Titles; and the Goodbye before the Credits
  6. Around 8:10, announce that no more clips can be added after 8:15.  Encourage students to transfer them, even if titles have not been added.
  7. Do not accept any after 8:15.
  8. Edit everything together.  Listen to the entire show.  Adjust start/end points for any clips with pauses that are too long.
  9. Render as a 540p file.
  10. In DropBox, upload to the 001 HS -> WUHS Daily Video Announcement folder -- go to the office to do this, faster upload
  11. Rename the file:  yyyymmdd day-of-week Video Bulletin; example:  20150323 Tuesday Video Bulletin
  12. Play it from the teacher workstation for the class to do pluses and wishes.