Digital Journalism

VALUES & GUIDES (note: this list is a draft and may be missing items)
  1. Equal, even, fair consideration of students, staff, and others.
  2. Awareness and sensitivity to income inequality among students.
  3. Cooperation, compassion, respect are expectations; address immediately all instances of harassment and/or bullying, and actively discourage bullying, and encourage positive actions.
  4. Integrity is expected in everything we do, everything we produce.
  5. Quality work so that future classes have opportunity to take this class.
  6. Professionalism, especially with other people's time and the school climate & environment
  7. Maintain and often improve the quality of every audience member's day.
  8. Provide interesting, objective & relevant news (from course description and news values) (news values short summary)
  9. Follow ethics and standards of journalism (from course description)
  10. (Review similar from MS News & Media.)

IDEAS & DREAMS regarding Vision, Mission, Goals
  • The most viewed and respected news program.
  • The school district community is fully informed on everything that is useful, or might interest them, about the district; opportunities that are opening; decisions that can be improved upon; 
  • All students, staff and community members tune in daily to the Catalyst & WaylandUnion.TV for school district related news.  Be a one stop place to learn everything new going on, and the primary place to learn about student life and goings on.
  • Inform the student body and provide a resource so the school community can learn whatever they want about the school community.
  • No one ever misses something that they would have wanted to do with/within the school.
  • Become the top ranked high school news program in the USA for high schools of 500 to 1500 students.
  • Prepare all viewers with a positive experience and motivating start to their daily educational adventure.  
SMART goals == specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound
  1. Provide a daily announcements to the student body including all those written provided, very well.
  2. Provide a weekly magazine show with reports to the student body.
  3. Provide a fact web site for student body to learn about the school and school community.
  4. Provide something positive and useful to put on a resume, application, or interview.
Problem Statement -- school district community is uninformed, apathetic, disinterested, dis-empowered, disengaged, emotionally negative or neutral, uninspired, uncoordinated, fragmented, and/or weak
  • What are we trying to do?
  • Why?
  • What stories would you like to do?  What reports would you like to create?  What kind of stories would you like to make?
  • What is expected from the school district community (principal, superintendent, teachers, students, parents, etc) of this team?
  • How will we know if we have succeeded?
  • Goals that many journalists aspire to is to inform and inspire their audience.
  • How do we know if the product is of high quality and meets or exceeds all our standards and values.
    • Provide expected information?  Who, What, Where, When, Why
    • Respectful, no bullying?
    • Represent this class, as a whole, in the way we want to be perceived?
    • Can I show this to Grandpa, Principal, and Pastor, and Classmates and be proud of it?
How are we doing this?
  • computers, tablets, phones, (visual and audio), possible PA announcements, text and graphics, limited non-electronic methods such as posters, etc., utilizing Internet, projectors, etc.
  • full web presence


Ideas for Publications
  • Catalyst (daily) 3 to 4 minutes, must include daily announcements, uploaded and tested, ready to play by the end of 1st hour
  • Catalyst (web site) - extended video reports on everything going on in the school, with transcript, blog format
  • Catalyst (weekly) during PrideTime
  • Catalyst (lunch) on screens in Cafe
  • Catalyst (video yearbook / ongoing chronicle of the year on web (~blog, etc.)

Web Presence - Facebook, Wayland web site, Twitter, YouTube

Ideas for Segments / Reports
  • "Accepted" -- Interviews with accepted seniors to colleges/military/trade school, why they decided to go there, one tip for students
  • "Staff" -- Standard interview with every staff member in the building
  • "Survey" -- all students to ask for ideas for segments, interviews, etc. - Google Survey
  • Prizes -- Trivia contest, quiz, based on the days show, prize winner announced online, can not be same winner 2 times in 5 days, etc.
  • "Events" - sports contests, 

MORE Ideas

There are different audiences:  write about the same event for three different audiences.
There are different biases:  write about the same issue with three different biases/perspectives.

Understand the difference between news and propaganda and how to capitalize on these differences.

5 Kinds of Journalism
* Interview
* Editorial
* Factual Report
* Investigative

Always three assignments:
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Long Term
The Assignment Drawer -- have to draw from the drawer for taken assignments

* Interview State Trooper Brian of Wayland regarding online bullying

Invite in a GVSU and/or WMU journalism major (junior or senior).  Talk with college profs about what essentials should be taught in high school.

Field trip to WMU and/or GVSU to TV news room to student run news room and/or blog and/or newspaper.

 Need editorial review board that checks all content (everything) and asks the teacher.