Mission:  Learn and share about computer crime using a Google Presentation.

  1. Log in to your Google Drive account and create a new presentation.
  2. Save with a complete file name, for example: 20131106crime[class hour][your username]
  3. Slide 1
    1. Make the title Computer Crime!
    2. For the subtitle, type your first & last name.  
    3. Insert a text box at the bottom with the day and date.
    4. At the top, insert a text box saying Wayland Union Middle School.
  4. Share the project with your teacher (email:
  5. Slide 2
    1. Insert a New Slide and make the title Computer Laws.
    2. Write five complete sentences about things that are AGAINST the law to do using computers.
    3. Enter after each sentence, so each sentence has a bullet.
  6. Slide 3
    1. Insert a Title Slide and make the title Stop Crime!  Make the subtitle your first & last name.
  7. Slide 4
    1. Insert a Title and 2-Column Text slide and make the title Crime List.
    2. Fill each box with a list ten different computer crimes (or bad things), five on each side.
    3. If you need more ideas, search the web for "computer crime".
  8. Slide 5
    1. Insert a Title Only slide and title it Crime Pictures!.
    2. Find five pictures of computer crimes that you talked about. Copy each one and paste it onto your slide.
    3. Arrange each picture carefully on the slide.
  9. Move the "Stop Crime" slide to the end.
  10. On all of the slides (except the first one), select a font style, size, and color for each text box.
  11. Insert a different AutoShape on the every slide and change the fill color to bright RED. 
  12. Insert one WordArt on the first & last slide.  Make it say Computer Crime!. 
  13. Add different background, fill effect, gradient to every slide. 
  14. Apply a different transition to each slide.
  15. STOP!  Raise your hand.  Very politely ask your teacher to check your slides.

Part II
  1. Make it look great:
  2. add colored lines around pictures,
  3. increase text sizes,
  4. re-color objects,
  5. add AutoShapes, etc
  6. Animate every object very fast, with previous.
  7. Add five more crime pictures to your picture slides;
    • cropped;
    • colored borders; and
    • animated.
  8. File -> Download As -> PDF Document  -- to your home directory.
  9. Log in to Campus Portal, find the assignment, then attach the PDF and press SAVE!
  10. STOP!  Raise your hand.  Very politely ask your teacher to check your slides.

Original Project: