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Mission:  Learn to respond to computer issues.

  1. Plug in headphones.
  2. Right click and then click "Open Link in a New Window" on Campus Portal (2014).
  3. Arrange this window, the Campus Portal windows side by side.
  4. Log in to Campus Portal, and open the "Computers C" class.
  5. Click on the first "Troubleshooting" assignment.
  6. Watch the first video and answer the questions in Campus Portal.
  7. After finishing each assignment, raise your hand, and very politely ask your teacher to check your work.
Videos & Questions:

Watch the following videos and answer the questions in Campus Portal.
  1. Video 1 - 1 min.
    1. What does "troubleshooting" mean?
    2. What is "Murphy's Law"? (you may look this up)
  2. Video 2 - 1 min.
    1. Why are troubleshooting skills useful?
    2. Why is a network connection needed?
    3. What is a term for "viruses or other bad programs"?
  3. Physical Troubleshooting - 6 min.
    1. What is the first step when troubleshooting?
    2. Where are documents often saved when you are at school?
    3. What should be checked first if the computer doesn't work?
    4. Why does the monitor cable sometimes come lose?
    5. What visible sign is there that a computer has power?
    6. Which cables should be checked?
    7. Normally, how many network lights are on?
    8. Where are two places that a network cable may be lose?
    9. How can you tell if a wireless connection is working?
    10. What should be done when an error message appears?
    11. When might a reboot or restart be needed?
    12. What should you be able to do?
  4. Malware Troubleshooting - 10 min.
    1. What is one thing that spyware could do?
    2. What might pop ups say?
    3. Are these pop-ups real?
    4. What happens if you click the No or Cancel button?
    5. What key combination will close a window?
    6. What is the window in the foreground also called?
    7. Are there fake anti-virus programs?
    8. What is the name of the free Microsoft antivirus program? 
    9. What is one web site has good downloads?
    10. What program will remove malware?
    11. How much will a computer store charge to remove malware?
    12. What should you do if you are at school?
    13. What is your "new, favorite keyboard combination"?
  5. Murphy's Problem - 3 min.
    1. What did she do to get the computer turned on?
    2. Then, what is the next problem she has to fix?
    3. Finally, what did she update?
    4. What does she now know?
  6. Safely Updating Your Computer - 6 min.
    1. What are two things that might be wrong with the DVD?
    2. Is it easy to contact a software manufacturer?
    3. When searching Google, what should go around the words?
    4. In Windows, after the Start button, what is next?
    5. Why might it be better to install or update later?
    6. What are risks to not having your computer up to date?
    7. What might cyber-criminal attacks be doing?
    8. Which three problems might occur if updates aren't done?
  7. Computer Security - 5 min.
  8. Malware - 4 min.
  10. Shopping Online Quest
  11. Troubleshooting Quiz - Raise your hand when you finish.


Videos 1-3 take about 40 minutes or one class period, using the questions and procedure above.