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iPad Air Teardown

iPad Air Diaassembly - Tear Down - Ipad Air Screen Repair

PART 1 - Videos-Questions-Answers

Watch both videos.  As you watch, answer the following questions in Campus Portal.

Answer the following questions in the Campus Portal assigment

Video 1 -- iPad Air Disassembly- Tear Down- iPad Air Screen Repair.mp4
  1. What is the top transparent layer called?
  2. What is the layer BELOW the transparent layer called?
  3. What are the antennas called?
  4. What are the large black rectangles on the inside of the tablet?
  5. What is attached to the front camera?
  6. What is underneath the front camera?
  7. How many loudspeakers are there?
  8. How many screws hold in the power and volume buttons?

Video 2 -- 

iPad Air Teardown Review.mp4
  1. How many grams is the iPad Air?
  2. What is the screen resolution of the iPad Air, for example: 640 x 480?
  3. How many Watt-hours (Whr) is the battery?
  4. What is the new processor called?
  5. How easy is it to repair?
  6. What is the name of this YouTube channel and web site?

Note: iPad Air has dual microphones

PART 2 - Create a Diagram Using a Google Slide

  1. Take a photo of the inside of a tablet computer or iPad.  (Ask your teacher if you do not know where to find one.)
  2. Insert the photo on a Google Slide.
  3. Share the Google Slide with your teacher
  4. Label the following parts:
    1. Lithium Ion Batteries
    2. Front camera
    3. Audio port
    4. Power port
    5. Volume button
    6. Power button
    7. Mainboard / Logic Board
    8. Microphone
    9. CPU - Central Processing Unit
    10. Flash Memory Storage
    11. Speaker
  5. Raise your hand.  Ask your teacher to look over labels to see if everything is correct.