Branching Story

Your goal is to create an interesting branching story using web pages.

A branching story is like a role playing game. The reader should feel like they are making the choices. Each choice they make should have two different outcomes.

Skills: Keyboarding/typing, basic windows/office, web page editor/creator program

  1. Read, study, and explore: "Story" for an example. (Structure or map: basic & detailed.)
  2. Decide on a lesson for the story; for example, "honesty pays" or "look before you leap".
  3. Write it in second person, ex., "You are eating.  You are walking.  You are looking."
  4. Make sure there are no references to you or anything about you.
  5. Write the story so a fourth grade student could read and understand it.
  6. Make sure there is no violence in the story.
  7. The first page must describe the setting, the main character, and the first decision to make.
  8. Every decision must have exactly two choices and include the page code.
  9. Making a choice (by clicking on it) will take the reader farther into the story.
  10. It must be possible to decide the better choice using logic, common sense, or from a clue.
  11. The reader should also be able to figure out which choices are poor.
  12. Clues that help the reader find the best endings should be given early.
  13. The story and the choices can be funny and entertaining.
  14. You will write fifteen or more pages that have eight or more endings.
Before starting, choose your setting or theme and details of the main character.  Here are some ideas:
  • fantasy world - ex. monsters, dragons & magic
  • future or sci fi - ex. space travel & advanced technology
  • alternate universe - ex. super heroes, animals talk, kids rule
  • real world - just like today - ex. story about a mystery or a puzzle
  • examples - what to do in a hurricane, finding the stolen bike, making up with a friend, visiting a family member

Here is the diagram and assignments for day 1, day 2, day 3 and day 4.

Create a new web with a special name, ex. teen7231wa (teen, hour, trimester, comp #)

Create a page so it has the following things:
  1. Type the page code (ex. 723105) then a one to three word heading.
  2. Copy and paste this into the title bar
  3. Save the page with the same, except take out the spaces.
  4. Write at least two full lines and starting on the third line (all the way from left to right, regular font).
  5. Include lots of detail in each sentence. Keep the sentences very short.
  6. Sentences must be arranged in paragraphs, not each on seperate lines.
  7. Each page (except for the endings) needs two choices at the bottom with the code numbers.
  8. Each page should fit on one screen.
  9. Keep the font as it is (default font, normal size, black).
  10. Write all fifteen of your pages before going on.
  11. When done with the writing part, raise your hand, and politely ask your teacher to check all your links.

Fancy Them Up

After writing, fancy the pages up as follows:
  1. Correct all spelling, grammar and other errors.
  2. Insert a horizontal line under the heading.
  3. Set the heading to center alignment and heading style 1.
  4. Add a background and text color for each page (they can be the same).
  5. Color at least three IMPORTANT words on each page.
  6. Add one images on each page from Google Images. Make each image 200 pixels wide. Place it to the right of your paragraph.
  7. Once you have finished writing and linking all 15 pages, you will have earned a "B".

A student written example is here.

Source:  file:///E:/wissnera%20web%20directory/htmleditor/branching.htm