6th period

Ms. Barber and Ms. Karman

Class website:

Or go to the high school site and select "Academics," then "English," then choose "Journalism."

WSPN site:  or just WS.PN


Course Description

This elective introduces students to the following areas of journalism:  journalistic reporting and writing; video and photography; style and editing; First Amendment and copyright law, bias, and ethics; layout and design; business and advertising; broadcast news; and online publishing.  Since this course produces WSPN, students are expected to produce articles, podcasts, videos, and/or photographs for this publication. The course is run as a workshop, with a combination of lessons, editorial roundtable discussions, and time for collaborative and individual student work.



v     We expect all students to participate actively and to be engaged with the material.

v     We expect all students to think critically and creatively about issues and materials we are working with in class.

v     We expect our work together to be characterized by civility and cooperation.

v     We expect punctuality and responsibility in completion of assigned work.

v    We expect all cell phones to be in backpacks during class unless required for class work.



Students will maintain a portfolio, which will be used to determine level of completion.  Students will be assessed on the following criteria: participation in class, quality of work, ability to meet deadlines, term projects, ability to work collaboratively with other members, and honors projects if applicable. Publication of articles and projects in WSPN will be a consideration but not a determining factor in the grade for that assignment. Students taking the course for honors credit will be required to complete an honors project each term.  More details to follow.



Homework and overnight assignments are due in class. Work not completed for, and present in, class will receive a zero. You will not be allowed to make up homework without a valid excuse.


 Honors Credit

 In order to receive honors credit for this course, you must complete all described above, as well as one honors project each term.  Details to follow.


Absences and Tardiness

v     If you are absent from class, but you later come to school, you must see one of us that day to find out about any homework for that night, as well as any work you must make up from class.

v     If you are absent from school, you are responsible to see one of us on the day you return to schedule make up work.

v     The school policy is in effect for unexcused lateness to class.


Class website

Ms. Barber has created the website listed above, to be used exclusively for our class.  All handouts and assignments will be posted there, as will announcements, weekly schedules and pertinent links.  


Contact information

Ms. Karman is in the English Department, and you can contact her in that office.  Ms. Barber’s office is in the Media Center.  Listed below are our email addresses: