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How To Create and Submit a Photo Gallery

Shooting your Gallery
Remember that it is all about telling a story! We'll be posting more shooting tips soon. Stay tuned!

Working in iPhoto

Importing your photos

If you're working in iPhoto, importing is a relatively straight-forward task (NOTE: If you are using a school computer, please login using the student account, not your network account! The password is dog8hmwk).
  1. Eject the flash memory card from the camera (look for a door on the bottom for point-and-shoots, and a door on the right side for dSLRs).
  2. Using a USB card reader, put the memory card in, and plug the card reader into a USB port.
  3. Open iPhoto (you can do this by going to Applications, or by typing COMMAND+SPACE BAR and 'iphoto').
  4. On the left-navigation pane, there should be an Import area with your camera displaying. Click on the device listed.
  5. Highlight the photos you want to import by clicking one photo, and then using a combo of SHIFT and COMMAND to select other photos. Once your done, say import selected. If there's nothing else recent on the camera, please wipe the memory card.

Editing and working with your photos

iPhoto Tutorials:

 1.  Open iPhoto
 2.  Go to Help on the top of the menu bar (last option across the top)
 3.  Select "iPhoto Help"  and then select the area you would like to learn more about.
 4.  You can also go to help within iPhoto and search on any term.
 5.  You can also go to ""  username is: waylandps, password is: atomic
    When you are in there select iPhoto and there are a lot of video tutorials there.

You can find your photos under "Last Import" or in the event area. To work with specific photos, go to File-->New Album, and highlight and drag your photos into the new album. (Once you name it and create it, it should appear on the iPhoto sidebar).

Exporting photos from iPhoto

When you're ready to export your gallery, make sure you have your photos in a logical order! You can re-order your photos by clicking and dragging them in your album.

Go to File--> Export and use the following settings:
  • QUALITY: High
  • SIZE: Custom
    • Max width of 1024 px
  • FILE NAME: Sequential
  • PREFIX: Without any spaces, give your photos a relevant prefix. Ex. Halloween or SeniorSlump. This will generate photos named SeniorSlump 001.jpg, SeniorSlump 002.jpg, etc.

Submitting Galleries for Review

Because it's untimely to upload tons of photos for your editor to review, you should try to have them review during class. Most of our photo editing happens in the newsroom, but if you do them at home, just bring them in on a USB flash drive (if you need a large one, there are some available in the cabinet.

Once you get the okay from your editor, follow the submission instructions.

Working in Aperture

Coming soon!