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How to Create and Submit an Article

Working in WSPN Apps (Google Docs)

All of your articles must be submitted via Google Docs. We're going to require that you create your story in here for a number of reasons, including revision history, sharing and collaboration tools, and access anywhere.

Creating an article

  1. Go to (and log-in if you aren't already)
  2. Navigate to the Create new... drop-down menu in the upper-left portion of the screen, and select Document.
  3. Before you do anything, please name your document according to the structure below:
    1. Date_Section_Brief Title
      1. Ex. 9/20_AE_Aer Story
      2. For sections please use the following abbreviations:
        1. AE - News - Pol - Op - Feat - Blog
  4. IMPORTANT: If you're working with other reporters, invite them to edit right away!
  5. Write to your heart's content!
        Want to leave your editor a note/comment about your draft?
        Please don't leave notes inside your copy! This gets messy and makes extra work for your editor.

        Go to Insert --> Comment!

Before Submitting an article

  • Spell-check / Grammar check
    • In the age of spell-check, there is no excuse for typos, and very little excuse for poor grammar.
  • Name check
    • In the age of Facbeook, there is no excuse for spelling names incorrectly. If a subject has a difficult name, it should be one of the first things in your research before you even put "pen to paper" so to speak.
  • Fact check
    • If you're using data, make sure you're interpreting it correctly, and that you're using the right information.
  • Typo check
    • Did you say that the kid turned 170 instead of turned 17? Make sure you look for errors.
  • Proper name check
    • Are you using the proper (official) name for:
      • Businesses?
      • Policies?
      • People?
      • Events?

Careful of:
  • Stumbling over your own words. Are you getting wordy?
  • Tangents - are you keeping your article clear and focused?

Submitting an article

Once you've done that...
  1. Click the Share button.
  2. Add your Editor in the Add People box.
    1. Feel free to add a note to your editor about the piece in the "personal message" box.
  3. You're done!

Submitting a photo for an article

Please see the guide on photo submission.