Welcome to the Wayland High School Journalism Class!

About the class

This is where you will find all of the materials that we reference in class. 

The course is run as a workshop, with a combination of lessons, editorial roundtable discussions, and time for collaborative and individual student work. This elective introduces students to the following areas of journalism:  writing; video and photography; style and editing; law, bias, and ethics; layout and design; business and advertising; and online publishing.  Since this course produces WSPN, students are expected to produce articles, podcasts, videos, and/or photographs for this publication. 

When we meet

Class Letter Day Schedule

Our class meets on A, B, D, E, F, & H Days.  The class meets during the following blocks:

A: 5th block
B: 4th block
D: 6th block
E: 5th block
F: 4th block 
H: 6th block

Where we are

Find us in the Graphics Lab (aka: The Newsroom)!

Our class meets in the Graphics computer lab every day.  You are welcome to go to the room  and work on your projects at any time during the day if another class is not meeting there.  If you need to use the room after 5, please ask Ms. Barber or Ms. Karman.

We hope to have one day a week where the room will be available to work until evening, if necessary.  You are always welcome to use the editing room, which is a classroom off the back of the graphics lab.