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Portfolio Directions

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****:  Editors: Remember you are also responsible for your editors report - see Editors Report Section.

Q4 Portfolio Due Date: June 11

Q4: Production Goal is 7 stories (this includes the stories in your honors project) 

The grading is as follows:

 7 Stories: 94%
 6 Stories: 84%
 5 Stories: 74%
 4 Stories: 60%
 3 Stories: 40%
 3 Story:    25%
 1 Story:    10%

More than 7 Stories: 100%

Due Date: Thursday, May 22rd by the beginning of class.  In class that day, you will schedule your conferences with Ms. Karman and Ms. Barber for either Tuesday May 27, Wed. May 28 or Thursday May 29th.  
All Senior conferences must be completed by Thursday May 29th.  

See assessment page for the portfolio weight.  

Editors' reports due by the time of your March 28th too.

Stories: Q2: Portfolio: Due Date: Hand in January 7th, then set up meeting with Ms. Karman/Ms. Barber January 8, 9, 10, 13, 14  & 15
Target: 5 Stories.  (Two stories for the portfolio, five total for your production grade.)
List stories.  If you work on a project collaboratively, please tell us which piece you were responsible for in the project.  See this table for an example.  Your portfolio should not contain any news briefs.
Please name it portfolio_Q2_lastname

Select your two pieces of work that you feel represent your best work this term. 
This will be your Q2 Portfolio which will make up the "Stories" component of your grade.  Follow the link below for exact directions on how to put these pieces of work in a document for us to grade. 

 We  have set a target of  five or more stories per person for Q2.   If you hit the target you will receive a 94 %  for the production of content component of your class participation grade.  If you submit four  you will earn 84%, three 74% , two and below, 64%.

In addition to selecting your two best pieces of work, list all of the stories you completed in the quarter, with an active link to where it is published. 

If it is not published yet, note that, and give us a link to where the story is.

If you completed a story and it was not published for any reason, you can still list it as work completed, note that it was not published and let us know why it was not.  

The easiest way to do this is to make a chart.

Link to Portfolio Directions

Good journalists constantly reflect on the work they have done and think about how they can improve for next time.  Please think about the following:
  • Preparation
  • Forming a “theme” to focus on
  • Researching
  • Interviewing
  • Organization
  • Angle
  • Photo composition
  • Editing
  • Grammar
Answer the following questions each piece you have submitted to us.

1.  This is what I think I did well on this piece:
2.  If I had more time I would have:
3.  For next time I will focus on (improving on what?) - These are your goals for next term.

Reflect upon your Maestro project and your experience of working collaboratively on this story and peer editing.  Did you benefit from peer editing?  If so, how?
Would you change anything?  What would you recommend be done differently?

Reflect upon the quarter.  Do you have any suggestions for change?  Do you have any ideas that you would like to try and implement?