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Editor's Report

Q2 Editors Reports are due Tuesday January 14th.  

All editors reports are due by the 14th.  If you set up a conference day on the 15th, your editors report is still due on the 14th.

If you would like feedback on your editors report and an immediate grade, you can turn it in when you conference with us. 

See directions under Editor's Report

All Editors are responsible for submitting an Editor's Report.  Please label it as EditorsReport_lastname_Q1

Section Editor:  Submit a document that lists the articles that were submitted in your section, by reporter, with a column that says if each article met the deadline, was late or was not submitted at all.  Please provide a link to the document.  (see this link for an example

Also use the report to let us know of any issues that you may have encountered with reporters during the term.  You can also use the report to let us know of anyone you believe has gone above and beyond.

It would be wise to keep a running google spreadsheet of your section's progress throughout the quarter.

Copy Editor:  Submit a report that gives us a summary of your term experience.  Challenges, suggestions, positives of the editing process.

Editor in Chief:  Submit a report that gives us a summary of the term, and reflect on what worked and where we need to make changes or adjustments.  Reflect on what we did well and what we can do better.  Use the report to highlight specific pieces of work that were done well or areas where we need to improve.