General Assessment

Students will maintain a portfolio, which will be used to determine level of completion.  Students will be assessed on the following criteria:          
  •  participation in class
  •  quality of work
  •  ability to meet deadlines
  •  ability to work collaboratively with other members
  •  honors projects if applicable. 
Publication of articles and projects in WSPN will be a consideration but not a determining factor in the grade for that assignment. Students taking the course for honors credit will be required to complete an honors project each term. 

Each criteria is weighted as follows:

College:                   20%
Honors:                    20%
Editors:                    15%

Class Participation: 
Includes collaboration, homework, quizzes and production of content.  
College:                   30%
Honors:                   25%
Editors:                   25%

Stories will be evaluated on content, style, and journalism principles we have discussed thus far in class.
College:                   50%
Honors:                    45%  
Editors:                    40%

Honors projects:      10%

Editor Report:          10%

Link to Portfolio Directions