Orch Workshops

Orchestra workshops are time to work Ms. Tandon individually or in small groups.  You can work on whatever you'd like: help with orchestra music, specific technique questions, help with/feedback on private lesson music, playing chamber music with friends, etc.  Basically, quality time with me and your instrument! 

As I am in four buildings, I can only offer workshops on a limited schedule.  They are available:
  • Block 1 *most* every day
  • Block 2 on D days only 
If you do not take professional private lessons, workshops are required once each quarter. 
If you do take private lessons, you are welcome and encouraged (but not required) to come. 
Please try to come during a study.  If you schedule a workshop during a class, it is your responsibility to ask the teacher of that class IN ADVANCE if it is okay, and make up any missing work.