Middle School Strings

Welcome back to school!   

Here is what you need for strings this year:
  • A quality instrument, bow, rosin, shoulder rest (violinists/violists), anchor (cellists), rock stop (bassists), cleaning cloth.  If you are still using the little square rosin with the colored plastic cover, consider an upgrade.  Also, if you have had your instrument for a while, please bring it to me to check to see if the size is still correct.  If you own your instrument, you might bring it in to a string shop to have it checked out to be sure everything is looking good (enough hair on the bow, etc.).  
  • A subscription to Smartmusic.com.  We will use this program more regularly this year.  Parents, when purchasing the subscription, be sure to mention it is for a Wayland student in order to receive a discount.
  • Regular, consistent practice time.  It is expected that you will practice most days during the week.  I understand that you all have many time commitments; that is why I suggest setting up a regular practice schedule.  Daily practice is the very best way to make progress, feel successful, and most of all HAVE FUN!
Click on the appropriate link to the left or below to find information specific to your orchestra.