Elementary Strings Sign-up 2017-2018

Welcome to Strings! 

Our elementary strings teachers are Ms. Davis (grade 3), Ms. Memoli (grade 3) & Ms. Tandon (grades 3-5).

To register for Wayland Elementary Strings, please complete these three steps:

There are three steps to sign up for elementary strings:

1) Complete the online form HERE..

2) Submit $150 lesson fee HERE.. 

Note:  Your child cannot begin lessons until payment is received.*

* If you qualify for free and reduced lunch, you may be eligible for a fee waiver.  If you believe you are eligible, please fill out the financial assistance form and return it to the central office.

3) Rent your instrument & order supplies HERE -- after your child has been measured.
    We will size your child during the first week of school and will send out rental information then for you to order an instrument/accessories and have them delivered to the school.   (After clicking the link above, you should choose "order a new rental online."

    Please note: Johnson String Instrument is the Wayland Elementary Strings Preferred Vendor; however you are welcome to order from any company you choose!  

We strongly discourage purchasing an instrument online, as the quality is often quite poor, resulting in a frustrating playing experience.  In addition, we encourage renting instead of purchasing, as your child will grow and will need a bigger instrument as he/she does.


Please contact us with any questions!
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