4th Grade

Week of 5/13

posted May 20, 2018, 12:18 PM by Whitney Tandon

Hello 4th graders!

This week our goals are to really master all of the orchestra music for the concert -- can you really play it all?? Without hesitation?  If not, PRACTICE until you can! Do your part as a member of the team.

At most schools this week we're also starting the William Tell Overture in our book (p. 44).  This is a duet, but we're only working on the A parts.  This would be a great one to play with a friend in our end-of-year recital!

To hear the piece as it was originally written, please watch the video below!

See you soon,
Ms. Tandon

Week of 5/7

posted May 7, 2018, 12:48 PM by Whitney Tandon   [ updated May 10, 2018, 6:25 PM ]

Hello 4th Graders!

This week I am handing out our grand finale for Spring String Thing, "When the Saints go Marching in."  It should be easy -- learn it all this week!
Here's a little video to inspire you :)

And here's one with no words, but super fabulous!

Please be sure you can play to the end of all of our orchestra pieces this week.  If you find any stumble spots, stop and work on them.  Set a new goal for yourself each day! 

If you'd like to hear the audio recording of our version of Spring String Thing, as it will sound with all grades together, please click on the MP3 file below.
See you soon!

Ms. Tandon

Happy May!

posted May 6, 2018, 6:06 PM by Whitney Tandon   [ updated May 6, 2018, 6:36 PM ]

Hello 4th grade!
Sorry I haven't posted in a while! We've been working hard on the concert music and then had Spring break.  But you have been doing great work!!

We are now in the home stretch of preparing for our concert!  We've been talking about Practicing vs. Playing; keep thinking about finding that balance as we fine-tune our pieces.  We're also trying to master the hardest section of each piece:

Bow-Town: 17-25
Intrepid: 38 to D.S.
Haydn: top of page 2

In the book, we've had fun practicing our sightreading with Cripple Creek!

How about practicing your note reading this week: click HERE to play Name that Note!

See you soon,
Ms. Tandon

Week of 4/2

posted Apr 3, 2018, 7:12 AM by Whitney Tandon

Hello 4th graders!

Here's what we're doing this week:

- quick note-reading game
- reviewing our book pieces, #152 & 162
- working on our orchestra music!

The assignment for next week is:
- Book! #155
- Review flashcards
- Orchestra music! See practice schedule below for exact measures.

See you soon!
Ms. Tandon

Week of 3/26

posted Mar 27, 2018, 6:17 PM by Whitney Tandon

Hello 4th graders!

Here's what we're doing this week:

  • Echoing patterns on the C and E strings
  • Reviewing some exercises on page 36 and 38
  • Learning a new concept: a TIE (it's like a slur, but connects two or more of the same note
  • Reviewing last week's progress on Bow-Town Blues and March of the Intrepid (and Haydn if time!)
Your job for next week is:
  • Orchestra music! (see practice schedule for measure numbers)
  • Book: #152 and #162.
Here's a video of an orchestra playing Bow-Town Blues without swinging the 8th notes.  What do you think?

Reminders: March is almost over!  Finish your calendar and have a parent sign it this week!
Also, work on your Spring String Thing t-shirt design -- due soon!

See below for the practice schedule, and the concert announcement/contest details, if you've lost it!

Week of 3/19

posted Mar 22, 2018, 7:05 AM by Whitney Tandon

We are off to a great start with reading new notes, and new music!  

Here's a recording of our section of the Surprise Symphony the way it was originally written:

And, here is our newest piece:  
(notice that they do not swing the 8th notes in the recording!)

See below for this week's practice schedule.
And, if you misplaced the instructions for our T-shirt contest for SPRING STRING THING, I have attached that below as well. 

New Music!

posted Mar 15, 2018, 10:10 AM by Whitney Tandon   [ updated Mar 16, 2018, 11:55 AM ]

Hello 4th Graders!  Congratulations on a phenomenal String Jamboree!

Here are two new pieces you'll be playing:

Week of March 5

posted Mar 7, 2018, 11:15 AM by Whitney Tandon   [ updated Mar 7, 2018, 11:26 AM ]

Hello 4th grade!

Here's what we're doing this week:

  • Last few details for the concert!  Making sure we can play through everything.
Here's the assignment for next week:
  • Review last week's book exercises: #182, 191.
  • If time, start #144-152.
  • Please see and print practice schedule below.  Please note that this practice schedule is meant to start on or just after your LESSON day.  
Don't forget to mark all of your great practicing on your March Madness calendar!  If you need a new one, you can print it below.

Ms. Tandon

Week of 2/26

posted Feb 26, 2018, 10:20 AM by Whitney Tandon

Hello and welcome back!  I hope you had a great vacation.

Here's what we're doing this week:

  • Warming up with the scales and arpeggios we've been doing on page 42
  • Reviewing #189
  • Working hard on Rigaudon!  We need to finish it this week!
  • Reviewing Cascade Afternoon & String jam Twinkle.
The assignment for next week is:

  • Master your String Jam Music!
  • New: Surprise Symphony, #182.  
  • if time: add #191 (both parts).
Start the March Madness Practice Challenge on Thursday!  In case you lose your calendar, I'm attaching one below you can print out...

Week of 2/12

posted Feb 12, 2018, 10:30 AM by Whitney Tandon

Here's what we're doing in class this week:

  • Reviewing #183, 184 and 186.
  • Looking at #189.  Notice the key signature!  We will listen and air bow or start working on part A together, depending on time. 
  • Rigaudon -- reviewing jumps to D.S. and to the Coda; reviewing 37-43.
  • Cascade -- looking at images that inspired the piece, running through piece
  • Playing through String Jam Twinkle.
The assignment for next week is:
  • Book: use #183, 184 and 186 as warmups every day.
  • Book: #189 (part A, and if you're super awesome, try part B too. Can you do this without labeling?
  • Rigaudon/Cascade/SJ Twinkle: ALL!!  3 rehearsals left until concert!

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