Walk Throughs, Observations, and the Evaluation Conversations

See TeachPoint Walk Through Report
  • Evaluators will periodically walk-through classrooms unannounced, then write-up a walk-through actionable report.
  • Teachers are responsible for reading and responding to that report on TeachPoint.
  • Evaluators respond to the teacher's comments, and teacher and evaluators sign off on the report. Once the report is signed-off no changes can be made.
  • Later, during formative (mid-point of evaluation cycle) and summative assessment meetings, those reports will be part of the conversation and assessment.
  • Note that new teachers (nontenured) and teachers on development plans may require additional evaluator actions as noted on State language related to the evaluation system. To date (9/1/13) there has not been a decision on the contract language that will guide Wayland's efforts in this regard.