2012-2013 Pilot Team

The Massachusetts New Teacher Evaluation System was piloted this year in Wayland.  Next year the system will be put into place.  The chart below lists the teachers involved in the pilot.  These teachers have been through the process for one year, and are available to help with your questions.

Claypit Hill School

Debbie Bearse, Principal

Happy Hollow School

James Lee, Principal

Loker School

Brian Jones, Principal

Stacey Laudenslager, 1st Grade

Karen Look, SPED

Brian O'Donnell, 2nd Grade

Rita Partridge, Tech Specialist

Loretta Akers, 3rd Grade

Maureen Devlin, 4th Grade

Kristin Fay, SPED

Michelle Lataille, SPED

Rose Marie Furey, K

Kay Seligson, K