Welcome to our TeamFive website which is essentially our virtual classroom. Students should plan to check the website regularly during the school year to stay up to date with assignments and TeamFive news.

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“None of us is as smart as all of us.”  -Ken Blanchard

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress;

working together is success.” -Henry Ford

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Mr. Lee


 Ms. Amicangioli

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Ms. Bastarache

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Ms. Martin

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Ms. Leonard

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Ms. McAuley

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Ms. Ryder-Sharry

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Ms. Frye

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Ms. Devlin

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Ms. Leo

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    Ms. Mattson

         Ms. LatailleScreen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.18.53 PM.png

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Ms. Soeltz

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Ms. Santomenna

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Mr. Hernandez

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Ms. Tandon


Ms. Pellerin

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Ms. Dukes-Pearson


Ms. Pohl

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Ms. Flannery



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Ms. Crozier

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Mr. Rosario


Ms. MacDonald


Ms. Kearns


Ms. Corner


Ms. Perodeau


Ms. Dorr


Ms. Grusek

Ms. Keyes

Ms. Fraser

IMG_1370.JPGMs. Laffin


Ms. Lamb

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Mr. Myers

Ms. Schmidt

Ms. Keenan

Mr. Rockwell

Ms. de los Reyes

Mr. O’Connor

Ms. Teresa Creber

Ms. Grace

TeamFive Student Teaching and Learning Goals
  • Students commit to their own learning and the learning of their classmates.
  • Students develop understanding of the core content and how to apply the core content in real world situations.
  • Students manage and monitor their learning.
  • Students think systematically about their education and learn from experience.
  • Students serve as members of learning communities.
  • Students assume leadership responsibility to ensure that all students are learning.

The diagram below shows how our TeamFive works within the Wayland Public School System and related communities.